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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Hate the card, all rematches basically or matches I simply don't want to see besides Wyatt Family vs Shield.
  2. k_roll00's Avatar
    I feel like Ambrose's career will be very similar to the way Daniel Bryan's has been so far...
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  4. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Dean Ambrose? Shield? Who are they?
  5. The Saratski's Avatar
    I agree that the Revolution promo was most likely for WWE 13. However, the first promo which was hastily pulled, was so different from the final promo. In fact almost none of the pulled promo made it to the final. So I thought it was fun to speculate knowing that WWE changes things on a dime all the time. Either way, I am so happy WWE handled Dean's debut well. Yes, it took a long time, but like I said, it was worth the wait. Thanks for reading, and I appreciate your comments.
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  6. RagefulRhino's Avatar
    The revolution promos were absolutely, without question, lacking in a hint of doubt for WWE '13. Any indication that they were for Ambrose, especially after the game's slogan was "Live the Revolution" is silly. However, I have waited for Ambrose for a long time as well, good job.
  7. KingWade's Avatar
    I think the revolution promos (despite many linking them to Ambrose) were in fact for the WWE 13 video game. Apart from that, i have also enjoyed the injection of 'The Shield' into the WWE.
    All three of them seem to be very talented and i agree with you that Ambrose has the most potential with his promo work. It seems like the plan was to have them face Team Hell No and Orton at TLC, which i think they would have come out of victorious. With Ryback being put into the match however, i am worried one of them will be on the recieving end of a Shell Shock and get pinned. I really think they need to win this one. To me its important heel factions win the first part of the battle. Take Nexus for example. For me personally their loss at Summerslam took away alot from their dominant image and they lost all the credibility they gained from the attacks they had been carrying out on the roster.
    I think The Shield need to win this one and continue to attack who they want and dominate, cause when they do inevitably lose, im afraid the jobbing may begin.

    Good blog though mate. Its nice to have a bit of excitement back on Raw. I love the way these three guys sell an attack like vicious dogs. I just wish JR was on commentary to sell them even more!
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