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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Don't put 'who cares' in your match listings and expect positive feedback.
  2. AlphaCharlie's Avatar
    I registered for this site after lurking for years simply to state how bad this card is and would be. This card is so bad that if this truly was WM30, Raw the next night just might be cancelled and it would be the end of the WWE TV deal.
  3. LostOmega's Avatar
    No... Just no... I'm sorry, but this is just bad. These are very generic matches with only The Shield vs Wyatt and maybe Undertaker vs Lesnar taking show. HHH needs to get out of the ring and clearly you think otherwise, but Del Rio and Sheamus are boring as all holy hell and barely do good work. Big E vs Ryback? Really? Big E is nowhere near Wrestlemania ready and Ryback is crap. I'll give this to you. Sandow vs Barrett could work with some decent storytelling.
  4. el gabo's Avatar
    Absurd is just what I think. Why are so many eager about booking imaginary PPV cards. I really don't get it. Some fantasies should remain in people's heads. Plus, when bililng matches it doesn't help that you write "who cares" in two of the matches.
  5. billythekid's Avatar
    no TLC for 30th anniversary??? NO gimmick battle royale for old times sake???? and No Howard Finkel vs Lillain Garcia in a evening gown match???
  6. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Shit card, my
  7. The Piper's Avatar
    Have to ask one thing...why? None of these matches have purpose/reasoning, no heel/face alignments, no titles, nothing on the line, this looks like a bad Summerslam at best
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