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    How I think WWE will book Cena the next 3 years if they are smart? Cena vs Rock 2; Cena vs Taker WM30; WM31 Ryback vs Cena. Why Ryback vs Cena saved for Mania? He is a star now. Have him go through the midcard with a championship like IC title. Win the Rumble not in 2013, but 14. WM 30 he wins his 1st world title beating everyone until the next year at Mania. What to do with Ryback at WM29? Big Show vs Ryback....he can't lift him is an issue which is why I think he should use Monty Brown's old move the Pounce!
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    Why thank you. It's my 1st blog.
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    Seriosuly? I have a tribute blog to Eddie Guerrero that's been sitting on the shelf for a week and the mods put this junk on the front page?

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