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  1. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Haha, thanks man and yeah my thoughts are the hurricane. I'm glad you caught that, that's why I did it! I will do a series of some kind in the future, it's rather difficult uploading everything.
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    "Self titled" blog much! lol It was a scatter of thoughts, yet I still loved the way you wrote it. Despite the fact that you tossed around a bunch of ideas, and it was all done on a phone, it still had that "IT" factor. Good blogging bro, had me laughing my ass off at times. Make it a series, and you've got yourself a loyal reader. Cheers bud.
  3. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Okay, yeah a little extreme, but things happen. I guess you think its wrong of what I said, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion .. and unless you were there and know what happened, don't tell me the rights and wrongs of my opinion.

    Yeah, certain people do kill because of anger and worse over simpler things. I didn't make this blog to evaluate Benoit or how depressing the world is, if you wanna atleast discuss the points I made about a show I wrote about with my point of view on things then good.

    Okay, and if you don't, what's the point of writing about an unknown past instead of discussing what presently goes on in the ring?
  4. Liston's Avatar
    Sorry but there needs to be greater moderation of these blogs. Free speech is great and all, but common sense must prevail.

    Saying this is not okay "Benoit is okay in my book, maybe his whore of wife cheated again and said the kid wasn't his, women say things to make a man mad"

    Sorry but that is a little strange, and really makes me worry about people. If everyone killed everyone who made them mad it really would quickly thin out our numbers.

  5. JustSaiyan's Avatar
    Hah, thanks man, sorry about that I couldn't see the final draft since I did it from my phone and I didn't want it to be too short.
  6. MjBryan17's Avatar
    I liked the blog, a little on the ADD side tho, but it works. It's your thoughts, opinion and rants so all in all, I guess your just sayin

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