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  1. Macho Madness #3:End Of An Era!: It Is Time To Step Up And Make A Name!!!

    Hey Everyone. Before I start my blog, I will like to begin saying that this blog talks about a bunch of topics. I called this blog an end of an era because I want to address a topic that many bloggers talk about a lot. While enjoy and make sure to comment after you read my blog. Enjoy your blogging experience everyone.

    Week In Review
    I know it might not be the end of the week ...
  2. Macho Madness #2: What Makes A Superstar?

    Before I start, I would like to thank everyone for the positive support they gave my first blog. For that, I present you with my second blog. This was an blog idea that I was thinking about writing. At the end of the blog, please comment and I hope you enjoy my blog of: What Makes A Superstar?

    What Makes A Superstar?

    It's midnight. A unknown face is working ...

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