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  1. Whatislove's Avatar
    There's a bit of a problem with the poll you linked though.

    A. It's probably not real (AKA, those aren't what people voted for)


    B. The women's got so many votes because people who care about wrestling wanted to see kharma return (but got slightly overwhelmed by the kiddies votes for christian).

    I still lean toward A, the 'E makes crap up all the time, no reason to believe that poll was legitimate
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    When talking about the US Title back in 2004, did you really put Carlito's name up there with those other four real superstars and legends?
  3. dls1309's Avatar
    That kind of stable would be a perfect way to work Flair back into the company. All the veterans can hold their own on the Mic anyway but flair could act as their leader, provokingv them all to join forces with a promo about how much things have changed since last time he was here.

    It could even build up to big show, Jericho, Christian, kane and mark henry vs Rhodes, ziggler, Bryan, punk and Orton ( or something similar) at survivor series. Would be an interesting variation on the usual face vs heel dynamic
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    I agree. ADR should stop talking about 'destiny', which for some kind of reason makes me think of the rambling of the Ultimate Warrior, and start flaunting the money.

    I'd like to see him buy the number one contendership. Put him against a heel (Big Show?), who just let's ADR win. Reveal he bought the spot (Big Show, during the John Laurinaitis thing, mentioned he's only wrestling for the money, which would thus fit perfectly - but I realise it's to consistent for WWE writing), let him pay people to mess with Punk. If they put AJ back with Punk, let them mess with AJ. Punk vs ADR in the ring the week before a ppv, Videotron-bit interruption with AJ being followed, ADR scoring a roll up win..

    The heel buying his way to the top, the hero defending the girl.. should make ADR hated in the good sense of the word.
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    Great blog, I enjoyed reading this.
  6. pjpjr6's Avatar
    I saw typos and grammatical errors in the first few sentences. Didn't read after that.
  7. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sexyboy14
    Dolph in fact was world champion in 2011. And Jack Swagger won MiTB in 2010, and cashed it in over Jericho. So yes, both Ziggler and Swagger are former world champions.
    I believe they meant only former WWE Champions allowed in the match
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