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  1. Will Strawn's Avatar
    That would be pretty awesome. I have no idea why AJ is getting any kind of push, she is absolutely horrible.
  2. willy316's Avatar
    NO NO NO !!!
  3. body slam's Avatar
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
  5. John Lonce's Avatar
    No, I doubt Punk can GTS The Big Show but we have seen that Cena can give the AA to The Big Show. I see Cena hitting the AA on The Big Show and Punk stealing the win to fuel the heel turn.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I, much like you, feel Big Show is deserving of the championship. I also feel that his title reign should be long and quite dominant. I don't feel like Big Show's career will go on much longer, so I'm thinking if he does get one more go at it, it'll happen after Wrestlemania.

    As for the possibility of him winning at Summer Slam...I guess it's possible. But I can also see WWE doing something crazy like having Big Show only stop Cena from being champ...perhaps siding with Punk and helping him win or something off the wall like that.
  7. ewantu2's Avatar
    They could build it like the "end of RAW as we know it" since if Show wins everything good about RAW is down the drain.
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