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    I love Team Hell No. I hope they remain teaming after they drop the belts, whether that is at Extreme Rules or months from now. The Prime Time Players, Rhodes Scholars and Shield are credible teams which gives the WWE 4 legit tag-teams. The Colognes and Uso's are great as jobber teams and perhaps one day will be taken seriously. I believe that WWE really only needs 2 more high profile teams to revive the division. While the current tag-team division is nothing to brag about, it is better than when the Nexus was around and the only tag-teams were Otunga/McGillicutty & Kane/Big Show.
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    Team Hell No haven't really helped the division.

    While having two top names carry the belts may look good on paper, the problem is that they've pretty much steamrolled the entire division. Instead of putting guys over by defending the tag titles in competitive matches, they squash all the other teams and make them look like jobbers. The only teams that were booked to be a threat to them were Rhodes Scholars, because they're also two singles guys thrown together, and Big E Langston and Dolph Ziggler, only because they needed an excuse to get Ziggler on the WM29 card.

    Also, because Team Hell No are top names, they are constantly sucked into high profile multiman feuds without any regard that they are the tag team champions, simply because there are two spots that need to be filled, and god forbid they actually elevate anyone new to fill those spots. And thus Kane and Daniel Bryan are randomly thrown into the Elimination Chamber or a Survivor Series team, or into a feud with The Shield. The tag title scene remains neglected because Kane and Bryan always seem to "have more important things to do".
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    I think everyone would like to see a turmoil match, as well as the bolstering of that whole division. My worry though, is the competition level. Is there any team right now that can believably beat Team Hell No except for the Rhode Scholars? Most of the teams right now are jobber teams. My opinion would be to have the Shield cost THN the titles on next week's raw (yeah I know that's like the 4th TV title change since WM) to either PTP or the Scholars. Then have PTP and the Scholars feud for a month over the titles while THN feuds with the Shield.

    It feels like the tag titles might even downgrade the Shield right now. They're hot, we're talkin main event quality hot, and the titles seem worthless at the time being
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    No, TNA needs him now because they are on fire now. Just need to get more Promo out there. Hogan is the only one in the limelight really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas Chapel
    I'd love to see Hogan as long term GM of RAW and Flair as long term GM of SmackDown.
    I like this, yet, I feel flair is too good of a manager/leader to be on Smackdown.
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    That would be awesome!!!! YES, YES, YES!!!
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    I'd love to see Hogan as long term GM of RAW and Flair as long term GM of SmackDown.
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