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  1. I Don't Believe It: Does Hulkamania need to get Raw?

    After a brief break, it's nice to be writing a wrestling blog once again. I've been thinking over the last couple of week's about whether AJ as Raw general manager is a short term option or whether she is in that position for the long haul. In addition, i've also thought that Hulk Hogan has fit the role of Impact wrestling general manager. Fulfilling it a lot better than i first anticipated. So i ...
  2. Summerslam - Is a Big Show win feasible?

    Big Show. 'The Worlds Largest Athlete'. One of the most decorated superstars of all time. However he's only competed at 4 Summerslam ppv's. This is how Big Show's Summerslam timeline reads:

    1. Summerslam 1999 - Undertaker & Big Show vs Kane & X-Pac in a WWE World Tag team title match.
    2. Summerslam 2006 - Big Show vs Sabu in an ECW World Title match.
    3. Summerslam 2009 -

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