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  1. What i learnt this week: The last straw for Kofi?

    It was Ryback's attack on Kofi Kingston during last week's edition of Smackdown in which he smashed Kofi through a series of tables that got me thinking - perhaps this incident at the hands of the machine-like Ryback could be the final straw for Kofi. And when i say 'final straw' i mean in the sense that maybe it's time that Kofi turned heel.

    For a guy who debuted into the mainstream ...
  2. Why the Tag Team Division is Getting There.

    Another week in the WWE and another blog. I was feeling nostalgic this week and dug out a load of my old WWE videos to feed my hunger for some WWE nostalgia. Not dvd's or blue-ray, videos. As Roddy Piper says, "old schools cool".

    So i dug them out and decided to watch Judgement Day from 2001. Don't get me wrong there was a plethora of classic matches on the ppv and it was great ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  3. I Don't Believe It: Does Hulkamania need to get Raw?

    After a brief break, it's nice to be writing a wrestling blog once again. I've been thinking over the last couple of week's about whether AJ as Raw general manager is a short term option or whether she is in that position for the long haul. In addition, i've also thought that Hulk Hogan has fit the role of Impact wrestling general manager. Fulfilling it a lot better than i first anticipated. So i ...
  4. Summerslam - Is a Big Show win feasible?

    Big Show. 'The Worlds Largest Athlete'. One of the most decorated superstars of all time. However he's only competed at 4 Summerslam ppv's. This is how Big Show's Summerslam timeline reads:

    1. Summerslam 1999 - Undertaker & Big Show vs Kane & X-Pac in a WWE World Tag team title match.
    2. Summerslam 2006 - Big Show vs Sabu in an ECW World Title match.
    3. Summerslam 2009 -

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  5. If We could Turn Back Time on Sin Cara & The US title

    Hi gang, in my blog this week i'd like to talk about a couple of topics that have been much talked about within the wrestling world and within the forums. The topics i am alluding to are the much debated topic of Sin Cara as well as the current situation regarding the WWE United States Championship.

    If we could turn backtime on Sin Cara
    Sin Cara signed with World Wrestling Entertainment

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  6. I Don't Believe It: Improving ADR, MITB in brief and a Veteran uprising

    Within my blog this week i'd like to talk about a range of topics that are current and that have been present this week.

    Improving Alberto Del Rio

    Over the last couple of weeks i have seen posts within the forum as well as blog's criticizing the 'essence of excellence'. I have to agree with such criticism. In my view Alberto Del Rio has nothing on John Bradshaw Layfield. ...
  7. I Don't Believe It: MITB, Barrett, Kane, an Extreme calling

    Firstly I’d like to kick-off my blog by saying it’s nice to be back blogging. My last one was about 1 year ago, only because I forgot me details buy nonetheless it is great to be back.

    Usually I like to cover a bit of a spectrum of topics in my blogs either about issues that have happened in the week or anything wrestling that’s wither on my mind or bothering me.


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    Thoughts and Opinions

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