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  1. evilash's Avatar
    Awesome read! I don't know about Austin going back to being "Stunning" Steve Austin, because it would hurt his merchandise, and by this point he had cemented his legacy as Stone Cold. Loved it, anyway! Loved the idea of Bischoff and Flair running WWF with Vince after the invasion, it truly would have been an epic storyline, and perfect for setting up the nWo's arrival in the WWF. Going back to the Austin storyline, I always felt that it would have been a great idea if Austin left the WWF side, but didn't join WCW or ECW, and went after EVERYONE! That would have been awesome! WWF vs. WCW vs. ECW vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Anyway, if the WCW/ECW Invasion happened like this, it would have been nothng short of the most epic storyline in pro wrestling history...hands down. 10/10
  2. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Of course, this all depends on people willing to accept buy outs as well as being prepared to work with people who they didn’t get on with in WCW. Flair and Biscoff didn't get on at all and Scott Steiner rubbed a few people the wrong way, but money can help people forget
    Here's your problem. Not everybody in the wrestling world are sell-outs who do everything for a buck like Diesel of Scott Hall. Thank god for that!
  3. matty b's Avatar
    I would of rather them purchase eve have the invasion angle then once they lost at survivor series break away and keep WCW as its own productand and old PPVs and catch up at a mania and survior series once a year. but unfortantly that ego will get the better of Vince and he would make it seem like a lesser product
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Dude...I absolutely loved reading this. I really enjoyed the WCW/ECW invasion angle but this would have blown that out of the water. Awesome job.
  5. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Lots to like here. I wasn't sure about the Austin idea at first, but it could work with Bischoff or who ever getting in his ear about McMahon constantly trying to screw him over. The one I never understood was it would have been very easy to switch Big Show to the Alliance. An your right, I woul have had Bischoff wait til after Survivor Series to debut the nWo as his next assault on WWE
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I wouldn't have Austin join WCW side after all the things he has said in interviews in the past. Austin was 1 if not the main reason why WCW lost the war. So what, are we going to have another Rock, Taker, Kane match or are we going to begin to have those dream matches like Flair, Goldberg, Hogan vs WWFs top talent.

    I like the idea of Four Horsemen. Have Flair as the leader for a few months with surprise returns rather than just get the full package all at once. Have guys like benoit, Big Show, Jericho, and so on who had previous runs with WCW jump back on that side.Make WWF take a bit of a hit here.

    1 moment I didn't enjoy that is a top 10 moment in the history of Raw was when Hogan/Rock match face to face confrontation. Why did I not enjoy it? I wanted to see Austin vs Hogan. Why Austin vs Hogan? It made the most sense after NWO costing him the undisputed title at No Way Out. So Austin goes after the 3rd wheel in Scott Hall rather than the leader at Mania?
  7. Parts Unknown's Avatar
    Very interesting read. Regrets that Warrior didn't do more in WWF. Such a crazy character. So much intensity. Bulldog was a bit rough around the edges, but he was a solid fighter. "My bite is worse than my bark". Thanks for an entertaining blog. What if, eh? ....
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