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  1. pld459666's Avatar
    certain guys (the really good ones) do not need straps to get them over. Jake the Snake was one, and while he did hold a strap or two, during his time in the ring, The Ravishing Rick Rude was another. And an honorable mention goes to Flyin Brian Pillman. His in ring work and mic skills were enough.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Beautifully written Mr. Burnside. You're absolutely right men like Roddy didn't need the belt. Jake was one of the best workers in the history of the buisness. And Mr.Perfect Curt Henning was a World Champion in the AWA. So many people have bought the ideal that WWE/F has been the only wrestling company in America and back in the 80's there were three major companies in the United States, NWA, AWA & WWF. All three had World title status.
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Gonna go ahead and guess this means just WWF title because Luger was a WCW world champion.
    I like the list....I'd add honorable mention for Perfect and Razor.
  4. Michael Burnside's Avatar
    The linage of the World heavyweight title is a bit of a strange one. Sometimes the WWE recognise it as the WCW title and the long history attached to it. Then sometimes they remember that David Arquette and Vince Russo are former holders and then say its a different title and that it started with HHH.
    They regonise the US title's WCW history and they've adopted the old WCW cruiserweight title but the world/WCW is a little grey..ish..
  5. CM Sizi's Avatar
    The whole premiss of differentiation doesn't make this topic fair. The World Championship is the World Championship. Lex Luger was a World Champion. That is a fact. Just because he won the title in a different company doesn't change the fact that he was still the possessor of the title. True that history is written by the victors (WWE), but the title that Dolph holds is still the same Wolrd Heavyweight Championship Luger won.

    Mr. Perfect, as mentioned above, is a much better candidate for this list since he never held either title. William Regal as well.
  6. Kajmere's Avatar
    I agree about Jake not needing the title during his major feuds. I grew up rooting for Mr. Perfect and was always frustrated to see him lose his world title matches. As for the Bulldog, I think he would have eventually taken the title had he lived longer.
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I absolutely LOVED reading this blog. Beginning to end, you not only put the time and effort into writing an absolutely insane blog, but you captured my attention. This was sheer gold! What with ending the blog, with the Bischoff sneered smile, followed by "It ain't over", you've captured the essence of what the Invasion, should and could have been.

    "Lets hope someday in the future another company grows to threaten the WWE, and when one takes over the other, then an Invasion story is done properly."

    ^^ Perfect f*cking ending! Thanks for the exceptional read, it was a pleasure.
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