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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    I hated Bob Backlund's transitional title reign 20 yrs ago, which he ridiculously lost at a house show.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like your choices
  3. LM_StraightEdge's Avatar
    Good blog, completely agree with your choices...Chyna as the Intercontinental champion is something that I always thought should have never happened...especially that moronic duel reign of her and Jericho both being champion.

    The one that I usually say that most disagree with is Rey Mysterio. I never thought Rey should be anywhere near the main title picture. He was pushed because of Eddie's death, that I think everyone can agree on, but I just didn't like it. He was / is a great wrestler, and one of the best high flyers of all time....but having him against the main eventers I just didn't find believable.
  4. weems's Avatar
    Another enjoyable blog. Blog idea for the future when you have time: What would have happened if Hogan stayed in AWA and did not come to WWF until the 1990's.
  5. pld459666's Avatar
    Great read. I think that in the New Generation era, part of what would have been a major factor in wether or not Sting would do well is the timing of when Sting became a born again christian. We see how that affected what Shawn Michaels was doing pre and post birth to religion. Sting was never a guy that went for the T&A just for T&A sake, but the Cliq did. Sting was alot more straight laced as far as his on screen persona was concerned (alot like Hogan pre-NWO days).

    Would have loved to have seen Sting in the WWF/WWE, but you have mentioned it time and again, he was not a Vince guy and would have been buried at some point.

    I find it sad and arrogant that the WWF/WWE refuses to acknwoledge the fact that these guys competed in other promotions like they are the only organization around. Arrogant in that they truly believe that they are the only organization that actually matters and it's an offensive line of thinking.
  6. Godsmack78's Avatar
    its also not surprising that you didnt list any black wrestlers,(shelton benjamin, mvp, mark henry) that just shows how you feel about that...hell the fact that alberto del rio and rey can hold the freaking wwe title but not booker t or bobby lashley or mark henry show the blatent racism of vince..but its ok to put it on a half-black guy(the rock).. none of the guys on your list with the exception of piper, roberts, and mr. perfect even hold a match to talent like ron simmons, rocky johnson,tony atlas,or even junkyard dog for that matter...its a shame that you think a no talent like luger was better than the true worlds strongest man, mark henry and that he shoulve held the wwe title is even funnier...but asides from that, ggod blog
    It pains me to see that Owen Hart is not worth mentioning in this blog
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