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  1. AirBourne's Avatar
    I think, considering that WWE still technically counts Dolph Ziggler's "first WHC reign" as an actual reign, I say that shouldn't have happened. But all the rest I agree with completely.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'll give you some to add, Jaqueline Cruiserweight champion, Harvey Wippleman women's title(spellcheck?), Santino winning Divas battle royal at WM25, along with other short meaningless reigns that lasted minutes just so they can they been 100x champion. Such as Ziggler's first world title run which lasted minutes, HHH/Orton No Mercy 07, among others.
  3. thetheme's Avatar
    The miz should have never had most the titles, especially the WWE title. He was always the weak link of every tag team he's been in. He has never put on a classic match and has been carried. He always needed help in his matches, even from an announcer. He is annoying on the mic. People didn't hate him because he was a heel, people hated because he wasn't believable and was no credible threat to anyone.

    Around the time when he got the WWE title is when the Nexus was around and that's what destroyed the Nexus and made them pointless. Wade Barret should have won the title. We all knew that Cena wasn't going to be fired. Kaval should have got the IC title at the time and Daniel Bryan was already U.S. champion. All of that would have cemented NXT meaning something.

    The miz should have cashed in and lost, then became a better wrestler and worked harder giving good matches. At least Khali was a major threat and even beat the Undertaker and he isn't supposed to be a technical or high flying wrestler, he's a monster and acted as such no matter how you look at it. The others I agree with, but miz should be on the list and forever number one on the list especially for the WWE title because he brought and still doesn't bring anything to the table.
  4. FellaMeep's Avatar
    Should I?.... Alright. Andre The Giant's 20 minute reign. I honestly wish, they gave Andre the title legit. Then again, I could understand why nobody would realistically beat a near 10 foot giant...Unless your the Hulkster! *brother brother brother brother*

    Another is Kane's reign as WWF champion. The match... Was absolutely unfair to Austin. Kane had a mask, so no blood threw the mask and this match and afterward, Kane put another sleeve on so there really was no way for Austin to win, other than maybe to... Cut Kane's exposed hand? And uh, Austin won it back the next night so what the hell? I really think this match was up in the air by WWF, I don't think they cared who won this match as they had a backup. I mean the match was good, but I just wish they gave Kane a longer reign.
  5. body slam's Avatar
    Ronnie Garvin - '87
    Sgt Slaughter - '91
    Undertaker - '91 before he was the phenom
    The Giant - 95
  6. weems's Avatar
    Very good blog. Only thing I did not like about it is now I have a bad taste in my mouth as I had completely forgot that Russo won the strap 15 years ago. Man, I am having flashbacks now of how WCW was so god awful the last two years. Another guy who could be on this list is David Flair. I believe he had the US championship. Perhaps he also had the hardcore title and the tag titles with Crowbar, though I cannot remember off the top of my head.
  7. Kajmere's Avatar
    Oh and speaking of that, Diesel's reign made me hate WWE as well
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