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  1. dafunks's Avatar
    Agreed. Shawn did what he always did back then. He may have been a great Wrestler... But, he is a dick in real life and the persona was really him.

    Vince kissed his ass back then (May still do). In the UK I just hope its not forgot. It disrespected the British fans.
  2. wsm1996's Avatar
    Rey mysterio wwe championship vs the miz
  3. Ftw's Avatar
    Judy Bagwell being wcw tag team champion or Adam PAC - Man Johns being TNA tag team champion without ever doing one move.
  4. Sean34curry's Avatar
    Santinos very long title run
  5. Ftw's Avatar
    Rey Mystrio winning the wwe title after money in the back when cm puck left only to lose it to cena the same night on raw. I was never a fan of Vader being wcw champion. And Yokozuna winning at wrestle mania only to lose it 30 sec later to Hulk Hogan. But I think David Arquette is the worst one.
  6. mr.onemanband's Avatar
    Miz int title wm pre show whats point to have him lose it later? Vince McMahon ECW Champion Rey Mysterio WWE champ.Miz Cena tag champs
  7. ejorbit's Avatar
    Santino's 3 midcard title reigns. It's not so much that he had the titles, but for how long. He's a lower card jobber. His US title reign lasted 167 days. Dear god.

    Kane's WHC reign was horrible. It also lasted 150ish days. I know he was supposed to drop the title to Taker before Taker got injured but.... Damn.
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