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  1. A Dennis Blog -- Why a Face Miz is good for business

    Why a face Miz is good for business.
    Hello, fellow ewn bloggers and viewers. I have been writing blogs for the past couple of weeks on topics that I thought many other members of the IWC were misguided on their current viewpoints. I actually had a hard time choosing another blog topic for that reason, because I agree with other members of the IWC often. For some reason though, many members ...

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  2. A Dennis Blog -- Oh Hell NO!

    Welcome to this weeks edition of A Dennis Blog, OH HELL NO!!!
    Hey, it's Dennis again back for my second. I have to admit I didn't really know what to write about in this second blog but then I was reading some forum posts on this site about two of the greatest superstars in WWE, who just happen to be the tag team champions. As I am not afraid to stir the pot, I decided I would tell you why I ...
  3. A Dennis Blog (The Rock!)

    Welcome to my first blog
    `Hey, I have decided to start a blogging about random wrestling related issues that I think are currently prevalent with other members of the IWC. I will hit an issue in this blog and look forward to any feedback other members want to give me in order to make any future blogs better.

    Why The Rock winning gold is a good thing.
    `I'm not a rock lover, ...

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