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  1. Robstar's Avatar
    LOL Divas. Nice try but you can't make me care Dennis!
  2. Dennis's Avatar
    Thanks VanX!

    I should be joining your live party for SS too...
  3. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    Top notch blog Dennis!

    Hoping you join us at SS this sunday too
  4. Dennis's Avatar
    I didn't say in my part that he would actually be in the rumble match... Though I do see your point. I just think he should make his presence known at the rumble. Maybe screwing over a younger talent by coming through the audience or something...

    Also keeping something a surprise like that is their job... I'm sure they can do it fairly well.
  5. Kajmere's Avatar
    I don't think Hogan should debut at the Rumble. First of all, we all know he won't win, and second, it'll be hard to keep it a surprise. There are already so many names that could and should return at it, including Sheamus, Henry, Misterio, RVD, Christian, etc (hell maybe even Rock, Brock, or Taker), but who knows, they may do it anyways.
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  6. Dennis's Avatar
    Even if your point about them wearing less back then than they do now... Which I thinks a bit of a stretch to be honest... Divas like Trish were far more suggestive than anyone on the current roster are. Plus they had more provocative competitions and played to their sex appeal much more in the attitude era. Wearing less clothes doesn't mean that they are more sexualized by default. It just means they happen to be wearing less clothing. AJ Lee for instance wears much less than Trish wore, but anyone who told me AJ was viewed as more of a sex symbol than trish during her prime, I'd call a bit silly.

    But to touch on the far less suggestive would be a bit much don't you think? How many of the divas of yesteryear were on the cover of playboy? Not to mention how many of the divas were very clearly talked up by the announcers for their bodies? Does anyone remember "puppies"? haha... Sure, they might have been able to do more under a TV-14 rating. But that doesn't mean they can't do a lot now. Plus you aren't alienating an audience. Sounds like a win win.
  7. Guest's Avatar
    Everything that's wrong with the Divas division is not their fault, they are restricted to what they are allowed to do in the ring and this has been backed up by many Divas in the past. Gail Kim said that each week they were told what moves they were allowed and not to allowed to perform (no punches to the face etc.) Sofia Cortez said she was told to wrestle like a girl, not like a man. Michelle McCool told a story about having to re-shoot a match with Victoria on Smackdown because 'her punches and kicks looked too good' and about how she and Melina were scolded for their spots at Night of Champions 2009 (the DDT on the ringside barricade, facebuster on the floor etc.) So really, there's nothing the Divas can even do to improve their matches.

    Also, I completely disagree about Divas attires, today's Divas wear even less, have you seen what the likes of Ivory, Molly Holly, Jacqueline and heck, even Trish wore? far less suggestive than the attires nowadays. And the TV-14 era definitely helped them to get over, without the use of sex appeal, it allowed them to be uncensored in promos, get involved in physical altercations with the male wrestlers (Armageddon 2003, Stevie Richards constantly attacking and wrestling in matches against Divas) and even dabble in hardcore action.
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