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  1. Who Should of Won A MITB Contract

    Hoping this is still relevant, I thought I would go through WWE history in naming people who should of won MITB , but the rule is they must have competed in one. I will not name people that were not in one. So here we go.

    Shelton Benjamin
    Suprized he never won a mitb match. He is the only guy out of the first competitors of the first MITB match to have not won a world title. Its ...
  2. My MITB Match Card

    Due to the poor MITB match card in my opinion, this would of been my match card if I was allowed to build up this ppv and set the matches. So here we go:

    Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs The Prime Time Players for the WWE Tag Team Championships
    This match should be on the card. WWE was starting to make their tag team division relevant again, but not having thi match after No1 contenders ...
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