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  1. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    your Christian storyline looks awesome

    And Shelton Benjamin is the number 1 guy who deserved it the most
  2. e.townconcrete's Avatar
    Kofi should be a heel, i see him better as a heel.
  3. christianfan's Avatar
    Kofi Kingston?? Tell me i didnt read this! Tell me i didnt just read this!!!
  4. Ressurection's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    a name missing here that should be on the list before Jericho, Kofi and so forth is MVP!!
    He is actually someone who came to mind for me but I was not sure what MITB match he should of won. But yes, I should of put him on my list but I just wanted room for the amount of MITB matches
  5. Ressurection's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88
    I agree with Shelton, Jericho, and Chrisitan. As for Kofi, while he is entertaining in the ring, he is missing the key piece of a main eventer, and thats the mic work. Granted we haven't seen a lot from him, what we have seen isn't spectacular. As for Rhodes. That is a tough one. I know a lot of people feel he deserved it more/needed it more than Ziggler, but, I think Rhodes has time on his side. He could go another year or two in the mid card upper mid card range and still stay relevant. Ziggler has been around longer(I believe), and I think he was the right pick this year
    You make a really good point about Ziggler about how he has been around longer. And yeah Cody could definetly be one of those superstars to be built up right. As for Kofi, I just wish WWE would let him show more then he gets to. But yes he definetly needs mic work
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    a name missing here that should be on the list before Jericho, Kofi and so forth is MVP!!
  7. Dubs's Avatar
    I agree with most of those names but I don't agree with Cody Rhodes needing the MITB over Ziggler. Rhodes isn't ready to become a main eventer yet and hes still doing pretty well as a top mid-carder. No need to rush him into the main event scene just yet.
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