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  1. TheBritishInvasion's Avatar
    good nice first blog, the tag team division certainly has 'heated up' as they say, looking forward to some good matches, and the second part of your blog
  2. R0YALTY's Avatar
    I agree with your points. Thanks for the criticism everyone!
  3. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    didn't r-truth have a broken foot? next attacking people after they won the tag team belts doesn't solidify them as faces it makes them more heelishXD good blog though
  4. AJ1981's Avatar
    @ awesom_me Primo & Epico no longer have a rematch clause. They waited longer than 30 days to exercise their rematch so lost it. This was explained on the No Way Out pre-show and NWO itself and was why they were in the fatal 4 way and why they were upset with AW (before he screwed them over). Responding to the blog I'm more hopeful for the tag scene than I have in a while. There are now 5 regular teams (PTP, Primo & Epico, The Usos, Gabriel & Kidd, Hawkins & Reks) plus Kofi and Truth who will soon be returning to singles competition. PTP seem destined to be the next champs and Primo & Epico with their look, ring style and Rosa seem better suited to being babyfaces than heels. I'll be watching with interest
    Updated 06-21-2012 at 01:23 AM by AJ1981
  5. aweso_me's Avatar
    Don't Primo and Epico still have their rematch clause? They can use it right at the end of a match ala Cashing in MITB after PTP win the belts in a specialty match against R-Truth and Kofi
  6. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    The only problem is that Paragraph 3 doesnt make sense because money in the bank PPV is before the 1000th episode of RAW!

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