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    Would just like to point out this gentleman has explained several times now he wrote all his blogs hastily during work and offered his apology in advance.

    So no more grammar police jumping on his d*ck because it is just frustrating if you clearly have not taken the time to listen to what he said instead of looking out for spelling mistakes.
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    Randy Orton was the least over in evolution... He didn't get any reaction until they turned on him.

    I think you need to rethink everything.
    1) People were annoyed at the NWO for having most of the roster in there at one point. It became so ridiculous. How can you say stable's became stale when wrestling started declining long after most of the huge, successful factions broke up? The 80s and 90s were huge and only saw increase in viewers. How is that people losing interest in a product?

    2) "Fan fave is more over then the leader. All stables consist of a Leader a tag team and a second singles competitor."
    Untrue. Randy and X-pac were far from the most popular members. Nash became popular by trying to recruit sting after he formed the Wolfpack (which Hogan joined and became leader). X-pac didn't rise up against DX, and neither did triple H. Triple H only became leader of the second DX after Rude and Michaels (back injury) left. Triple H left DX to join a bigger faction, corporation. That's hardly rising up as the guy was hated back then. That's not a single's second star becoming fan favorite is it? It's the leader screwing the whole faction over.
    Evolution saw them boot out Orton, who tried to get revenge.
    The most popular incarnation of the NWO was Hogan, Nash and Hall originals. They just started adding members. However, when Nash left, Savage was the man feuding with Hogan. Savage was just as, if not more, popular than Nash. Both Savage and Nash founded the Wolfpac. this is another poor example as Nash (or anyone) didn't really rise against the NWO. They branched off into a second faction, and were eventually joined and replaced as leader by Hogan anyway.
    3)No, this wasn't the biggest way to establish a new star. Nash, Hall, Hogan were already over and established stars before N.W.O.
    Undertaker was already a big name before the ministry, and nobody else replaced him or challenged him for leader.
    Flair and the Anderson's were already major stars in the 80s, well before they formed the Four Horsemen.

    It wasn't until recently that Factions were used to boost ONE face who opposed them. Back in the 90s, factions used to oppose other factions. It wasn't until Austin vs Corporation did factions vs one face became a way to make stars. Sting faced the NWO, but the NWO also had the Wolfpac to contend with.

    The Nexus feud did NOTHING for Cena. He didn't come across as looking invincible. All i recall from that feud was Cena being fired then somehow being on Raw the next night and being rehired.
    Also factions don't last very long because they are never booked right.
    TNA took an old school approach by having Immortal, with Fortune breaking off to feud against them. This went on for a year so it does happen.
    Unfortunately, WWE just doesn't seem to like factions since Evolution, and that's why you don't see much of them.
    I can't remember any one man taking on and destroying a stable besides Cena. THAT made it unrealistic.

    The only people that have been propelled to the top by factions are The Rock, Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton. I'm basing this on them actually being made stars BECAUSE of a storyline involving their former faction, and their feuds with them.

    It's affect, not effect btw. Not being a dick but it's an annoying mistake.
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    I kinda of liked the Nexus to be honest. I found the whole stable as a good way to bring in everyone from NXT Season 1. They destroyed Cena, Vince, and the Undertaker at one point, but bad booking and constantly placing them again SuperCena killed it.

    As for the whole XPac being more over than Triple H debate... personally I feel that the New Age Outlaws were more over than both Pac and H. I remember the crowd being so into the Outlaws, that even one night when Road Dogg lost his voice, the crowd did the whole "ladies and gentlemen" speech as well as had a banner for it. Now that is what I call being over (this includes both DX version 2 [minus HBK] and McMahon-Helmsley Regime).
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    I agree with your third point. It did help considerably to create this one guy overcoming the odds. However I think the stable helped to create stars. Wrestlers got screen time and possibly even more ring time because of them.

    The only other thing I have to say is GRAMMAR. Use than not then. If you meant to use then then you need to look at that first sentence for your second point again.
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    Justinjackson1983 ur the man
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    Quote Originally Posted by justinjackson1983
    But ending this essay over a certain period in 1999 X-pac was one of the WWF'S top baby face’s and was ‘over’ only while HHH was adjusting to his new Heel status
    This sums up my exact thoughts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dperk911
    "heels get over by gaining heat from crowds" just like i said. Heels use heat to get over. A face cant use heat. Cause he would become a heel, a tweener at minimum. Like i said and put on bold in the previous statement. Any one can be put over. Faces just have a different way.
    I know my shit buddy. I said the same thing. All my statements will concur.

    Maybe you should fully read my comments. If you did without being pig headed and looking to bash it you would have saw we were saying the same thing as far as that last comment. I didnt lie at all.

    One thing i learned about you guys here us that if you dont agree with the mass your wrong. Lol i dont agree and obviously by some earlier comments im not alone. Stables gave become boring and predictable. And is hurting the e. A stable turned a former world champ to a tag team member and a lacky to someone who is being pushed now(jack swagger who in my opinion deserves a push to top heel status as well). But its my opinion.

    As far as this debate we are debating the classic good guy vs bad guy. When xpac was a face. Trips was a heel. Too different ways of being over. If they were similar characters or at least both herls or faces everything you said would be true. Because when they were both heels trips was way more over. Xpac was a minion. But at this time we are stating opinions.

    And as far as your not so witty, try a little harder, want to be an insult but didnt quite make it comment about my opinion nor being thought out, ive more then proven that my comment was well thought out.

    Bte im a trips hbk fan. Trips was never that guy until mcmahon hemsly era. A little during the corporation but nah. Not til his feud with test and stephanie put him over. Thats when he became one of the e top three. Until then trips was a upper mid card/ low main eventer. He got his matches but the mcmahon hemdley era made him the top heel. His dx tweener days had him and pac on the same level. Upper mid carders

    Your both right in a way…. however hopefully this will clear things up for both of you.

    Factually HHH became leader of Dx when HBK injured his back the Night after wrestlemania; Xpac (fresh from his release from WCW) joined DX.

    HHH at this stage now was being groomed for bigger things, He had paid enough dues from his punishments after the "Curtain call" incident and earnt back respect from Main eventers such as The Undertaker;

    not to mention his friend(s) in high places whispering the correct things in the right ears, at this time in 1998 he and the rock where being built from mid -card to main event.

    Xpac like the new age outlaws where baby face’s in the new version of DX, im still talking 1998 so this group was purely at this time -the wwf's answer/response to the nwo- they was selling seats and lots of merchandise. They had a very entertaining feud with the Nation and it was very clear all members in the Nation and DX was supporting roles in HHH and The rocks decent to the top;

    at the end of 1998
    X pac was just a popular mid card performer who had to pick up the peice's when HHH suffered a brief knee injury, Xpac's hard work and popularity kept Xpac in mid card roles ongoing into the new year

    HHH ending in 1998 was the more OVER mid card performer heading towards the main event spotlight

    Enter 1999 …….
    HHH was on the verge of main event status and was being turned towards Heel status exactly when the Rock was being turned Face
    during this transition Xpac was now being used In hhh's old face role to smoothen the transition of HHH turning heel,

    X pac was extremely popular in 1999 and was as over as a face as HHH was as a heel…. during the months (key word here during the months) leading towards summerslam 1999 (HHH had not found his niche as a heel just yet) he was still becoming 'the game'

    while around the same time X pac was in a very successful and popular tag team with Kane, they both was involved in main event storylines and matches frequently with the undertaker, big show, Austin and the McMahon family.

    if you need proof of xpac being over YouTube x pac/kane, No mercy 1999 (uk based ppv) KOTR, Fully loaded 1999, summerslam 1999
    soon after summerslam 1999 his pushed ceased whilst HHH became one of the greatest heels in history and once again Xpac was a supporting role in HHH’s decent

    In terms of as an overall Career HHH is one of the all time Greats, While X pac is an afterthought mid card wrestler who in fact became one of the most despised wrestlers ever who could never get over with a crowd again!

    But ending this essay over a certain period in 1999 X-pac was one of the WWF'S top baby face’s and was ‘over’ only while HHH was adjusting to his new Heel status
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