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  1. True Sinister's Avatar
    I feel AJ according to storyline was a stupid choice for a GM. She looks ridiculous in that suit. I understand how attractive she is and I feel that is her whole draw. As much as I like AJ I never liked the psycho AJ character. I wish she would be treated as a heel...she sure as hell acts like one but since she's a cute little girl everything she does is supposed to be good.

    In terms of acting ability...I feel that was never important for her but I prefer her to Adamly or Laurinitis.

    Agree on all this social networking crap.

    TNA has better "wrestling" but nowhere near an ROH and they don't really push it.

    TNA simply put is not as "entertaining" as WWE. It has a boring feel to it that never changes. The storylines and segments look cheaply done and uninteresting. The only TNA PPV I ever bought was hardcore justice and that was out of respect to ECW. I never wanted to buy a TNA dvd of any kind either. Their theme musics suck. Their announcers are...I respect Tazz as a wrestler more than a generic King rip off...and Mike Tenay was better of in WCW when he was sold as being some sort of expert on everything.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I wasn't ever a A.W. fan but WWE definitely overreacted by firing him, maybe a fine or suspend him for a month or two. The reason WWE has sucked @$$ is because of Linda McMahon' senate run, I can't even watch this sh!t anymore it's boring, weak & I think damn near everybody is sick of seeing these retarded six month feuds. TNA has been improving little by little mostly because Hogan's been off tv( Brooke's @$$ needs to go as well). I became a fan of TNA back in '05 untill '10 I've bought the last two ppv's and enjoyed every minute. A lot of fans want the 6 sided ring back simply because it's different, I'm one of them but the last few months have been great. I love the BFG series & I'm reeeeeeeeeeal happy that the Claire Lynch crap is over, so now A.J. can go back to being the phenomenal athlete that he is. Great blog & dead on!
  3. Another_Big_Guy's Avatar
    Unfortunately your right Pumkinhead, as time goes on the more they will promote bull@#$% social media. Yeah having a show family friendly is all well and good but thats no excuse for illogical booking and disrespect to fans but yeah I agree with you. Your right on the money with what you said DK wrestling saviour, if only tna would grow some bigger balls they could really lay down some competition, could it happen? definetely...will it happen? not for a while sadly but im hopeful, same goes for wwe.
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Honestly there's nothing to said about this of what had been said, WWE will continue to use social media and put down a show for a friendlier audience while TNA will focus on the hardcore fans, some will jump ship like you some not
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Lets see:
    TNA obviously has the edge with women wrestling because they actually give their Knockouts mics, time for matches, and so forth.
    WWE has the better tag division right now if you ask me. I almost forgot who the tag champs were the other day for TNA's side.
    TNA X-Division by far over US or IC title. IC is closer to the X-Division title currently than the US because who is holding the belts. I don't care for Santino at all. I'm a Miz and Ion fan. Comes down to which matches you've look forward to more. Obviously Ion vs whoever....Miz just won the title from Christian. Christian is stale...sad!!
    TNA world title situation/matches have been more looked forward to here lately. I like Punk better, but having to face Cena again and anything that has to do with the Big Show to me is a snore. BFG series is almost over which helps also.
    Main storyline WWE gets it here. I hate the Aces & 8s garbage. Probably the reason they havn't shown their faces yet because we will be seeing WWE jobbers under the mask. I don't care about Sting or Hogan anymore.Punk wants to be in the main event as WWE champ as we all do.
    HHH vs Lesnar is also another main one I guess one could say, but I'm not that interested in it. I was wanting Lesnar vs Orton way before he got suspended because their history at the ppv. However, it isn't as bad as Claire/AJ/Daniels/Kaz storyline. I have felt absolutely tortured by this terrible actor who has been acting for 15 years. Along with one of my favs having to get his coattails road again by Daniels who can't keep a job in TNA without working with him. It has gone long enough dang it!!
    Daniel Bryan/AJ storyline still has my interest mainly because he is my favorite currently replacing Punk.
    Pretty even I'd say, both have their good and bad. I'd give the edge to WWE because 1 of their main storylines I'm interested in while TNA has 2 terrible ones in my eyes. WWE has 1 in HHH vs Lesnar. Can't wait for BFG, I hope to goodness I won't be tortured with another James Storm world title match again. He has had like 4 world title matches. I want to see Aries face Angle, AJ, Joe, or even Bully Ray before Storm.
  6. DustyOnMovies's Avatar
    I agree with a lot of what you've said. I hate AJ as GM. Really liked her before that though. She's strikingly beautiful and they want to put her in a business suit? I mean c'mon.
  7. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I agree with most points you've made. Since Raw 1000 I'm starting to notice, despite the improved matches and a generally interesting programme every week (in my opinion, check out my blog...), that they've hit a standstill since Punk's heel turn. He's still interesting, but they seem to have nobody new for him to go up against (Cena and Show are just being thrown into the mix in a vain attempt to make us care about their rivalry).

    As for TNA, up until three weeks ago I had boycotted the product since soon after Angle joined them. It took my cousin telling me about the Aces and Eights for me to watch it again, and I'm pleasantly surprised. The matches are good, and the A&8s are intriguing (I'm sure one of them is Chuck Palumbo though). The only downfalls have been the AJ/Claire storyline and Brooke. I would have to disagree with the statement about TNA's Knockouts though. I've never been a big fan of women's wrestling, and TNA seems to be on the same level as WWE with it nowadays (the Earl Hebner thing just seems pointless since the title changed hands the next night).
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