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  1. WWE Monday Night Raw 6/25/12 Review


    AJ Backstage Segment

    I thought that this little segment helped put over that AJ really is a "crazy chick." I'm also loving the fact that a Diva is part of one of the top storylines in WWE, in fact she might even be the best part.

    Triple-Threat Elimination Match

    Interesting match to start Raw and I'm most certainly ...
  2. WWE Smackdown 6/22/2012 Review

    smackdown logo.jpg
    Opening Segment

    I thought that this was a good start to Smackdown. I'm actually starting to like the Big Show as Heel because he seems to finally be showing some passion for what he does and his Promos have been fairly solid. Show just needs to start cendencing his Promos because he takes too much time to get his point across.

    Brodus Clay ...
  3. There Should Be No Rush With Cody Rhodes Career

    A lot of wrestling fans have been clamoring for Cody Rhodes to win one of the Money In The Bank Briefcases next month when a Pay-Per-View of the same name takes place.

    They want this because being the owner of said Briefcase all but guarantees you are going to win a World Championship very soon, but my reply would be, whats the ...

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  4. WWE Monday Night Raw 6/18/12 Review

    Mick Foley Segment

    I was legitimately surprised to see Mick Foley come out to start Raw as I didn't know Raw was in Mick's hometown of Long Island.

    For me its always nice to see Mrs. Foley's baby boy and it was interesting to find out from him that former General Managers will be hosting Raw and Smackdown each week over
  5. WWE No Way Out 2012 Review

    World Heavyweight Championship Match

    Dolph Ziggler proved in this match that he has the ability to be in a World Title match where he and the champion are the focus.

    This match had a big time feel to it and rightfully so because it was great. Sheamus and Ziggler were both on top of their game and have actually developed
  6. The Matches & Segment At No Way Out 2012

    Based on the announced matches and Triple H's segment, I am going to show you what order I would put them in from the important opening-match to the coveted main-event.

    Match One: Intercontinental Championship Match
    Christian (c) vs. Cody Rhodes

    Match Two: Divas Championship Match
    Layla (c) vs. Beth Phoenix ...

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  7. TNA Impact 6/14/12 Review


    X Division Title Match

    This was a three way Ultimate X Match that saw Austin Aries defending his title against Zema Ion and Chris Sabin. Sounds good on paper right? Well surprisingly and unfortunately that didn't translate into real life success because this match was an absolute mess.

    Some of that COULD be attributed to an apparent

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