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    Do you think the business would want to see Angle lose? You're taking wrestling way too seriously if you think they'd of made it unscripted and not counted Puder out. This was more biased than Ryan Clarks regular shooting on wrestlers. Regardless, if you want unscripted fights MMA would be a decent place to start if you're interested in wrestling then don't bash on an intelligent decision by a company that endorsed one of their main stars.

    There's no "what comes around goes around..." due to the fact that it's exactly just that, "a business." I think Kurt Angle could care less about Puders feelings as long as he gets his pay cheque at the end of the month. There are loads of unscripted "problems," for example Mark Calloway and Brock Lesnar. Now assuming you're in the 99.9% of "The Undertaker," fan-boys. When Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker had a falling out and Brock approached him were you singing the song about "oh if they fought," unscripted fights then?

    I didn't think so... because Brock would have destroyed Mark but it would of been bad business.
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    Good point. Angle would have had a right to be pissed had he not just broken someone's ribs and then challenged another guy to a fight or if the results of everything were planned in advance and THEN Puder went off script and did the kimura. That would have just been unprofessional of Puder.

    Instead, he got challenged to a fight where he just saw the consequences of which were possibly getting bones broken and fought back.
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    Fancy placement for the second picture , never seen it like that before.
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    DK- Gotta agree with you. As much as Danny Hodge needs to be in the HOF for what he did in his day, not many outside of the "wrestling purists" would understand who he was and what he did... Especially now that there is no "Crusier/LightWeight" division in the WWE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B-ri
    No Bruno Sammartino? Interesting....
    WAT? Hes right there dude !!
  6. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar

    And is Mick Foley in?

    Bruno should have been the first one ever in imo.

    And Paul Heyman needs to be in.
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    Don't like the list. Other than Bruno, Macho, Backlund, and Davey Boy, I don't see the point.

    WWE's Hall of Fame is a joke. Therefore, you'll never see names like Connor, Gotch, Mondt, etc...because they are of the wrestling purity sort. WWE doesn't go for that. They go mostly for draws and known commodities. And it would disrespectful to them, to use as fillers while The Rock's or Undertaker's inductions headline.

    Also, Lou Thesz has his own Hall of Fame....So there's no need for anyone to accept an invite to WWE's ridiculous Hall of Fame on his behalf.
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