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    Some people need to relax, I didn't write this blog to cause an argument between 'fanboys'. I'm not a fanboy as I watch both companies. People say WWE is 'entertainment' but at the end of the day what is the show?'s professional wrestling! Nothing else.

    As for whoever said about the TNA what? Do you tune in to admire the ramp or the wrestling?

    And your right, I was 7 or 8 when I had the picture taken, I didn't even know who they were...all I cared about was Kane kicking the crap out of X-Pac (hence my avatar, he was the first wrestler I loved). But if Sheamus becomes HOF I won't be bothered having his picture, because the era he's from, right now sucks to be honest.

    Not to mention a week later Yokozuna died so I was damn lucky!
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    WWE suffers from being a monopoly -- as much as I like and prefer TNA, it is nowhere big enough to even be considered competition. Since there is no competition, there is no proper benchmark for WWE to compare its own product, so it becomes stagnant, and even substandard compared to its own past.

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    These blogs crack me up. I see far too many people on here who seem to be living in the past. Wrestling today is going to be different from 1998 because the television rating is different. What was once pushed for the entertainment of teenagers and people in their 20s has moved on to a younger generation. Isn't that a good thing? Don't you want the younger generation to be hooked on something so that it keeps the product going?

    As I've watched WWE over the last decade, I've noticed that within the last few years as people complain louder it has actually gotten better. There are some great characters. They unfortunately don't wrestle as much as I'd like but they have some fantastic wrestlers. The problem is that we want to compare a company to its past work and are blind to what is going on right now. I say we stop with the "back in my day" talk and enjoy it, it really is fun when you sit back and don't look for things to criticize.
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    My opinion of WWE? It's the worst that it's ever been. EVER. I've watched since the 80's and it such a disgrace these days. I continue to watch based solely on sentiment alone. But the superstars today? Terrible. There's no one who I would be willing to hurry up and rush to see on this roster. I enjoy some matches and wrestlers here and there, like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Christian. But outside of that, no one really draws me anymore.

    Same with TNA. I've been enjoying Impact much better than Raw, but it's nothing like when WCW was around and there was literally two real MAJOR wrestling promotions.

    Today, it's just silly. It's a bad reality tv show, and fails to really draw people. The report about Raw's ratings this week was headlined as, "Raw's Huge Rating" and it was a 3.0 or whatever. 3.0? Seriously? I remember Raw would pull a 4.8 and be getting crushed by WCW's 6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    I never said the WWE was great. My opinion is that the WWE has lost their creative way both with the writers and majority of the talent. And as bad as it's been, TNA has been worse. Just my opinion. IF TNA had stuck with being built around the X-Division, they would be much better. Ever since they switched from the all PPV format, their product has sucked. Once they went to Spike TV, the network essentially made them hire big names. Everyone who has ever worked for TNA or is in the know will tell you that Dixie Carter is waaay over her head. And everyone knows Steiner might be insane, but his tweet tirade is actually pretty spot on when it comes to Bischoff and Hogan.

    So yes, as bad as the WWE has been (really since about 2002), TNA has dropped the ball and continues to do so. Just my opinion so no need to get panties in a wad.
    The statement you made about the X division is completely worthless. You obviously dont know about TNA. Let me give you a history lesson: The X division was FORCED to carry TNA for 3-5 years because they did not have a main event roster at all. Bobby Roode, Sting, Christian Cage, all of these people that are main eventers in TNA did not come until TNA started to get recognition. It was never about the X Division until TNA realized it did not have a main event roster. Why do you think they had to use the NWA title? Plus, you dont see WWE building around the cruiserweights dont you? And please, if TNA is doing so bad, tell me which PPV main event was better: Cena vs Laurenitis or Roode vs Sting?
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    -In 10 years time, I reckon most people would be saying "Oh WWE was so great 10 years ago when they had people like Punk, Bryan, Rhodes, Kane etc...and now what we have is rubbish"
    -Classic case of never being happy with current product and always whining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    Like I said, as bad as the WWE has been, TNA has been worse and continues to be worse. I'll be the first to say the US title should be scrapped since Santino won it. I'm not a Ryder fan by any means. He's pretty spare and his gimmick since being an Edge-Head is a joke. The point is, he is a hard worker outside of the ring and that's why he has a cult following.

    You kids are soooo spoiled with the need for no more squash matches. In the 80s, that's all we got on Wrestling Challenge, All American Wrestling or Superstars... if we even saw one match with 2 mid card guys, it was considered a bonus.
    point is the same pointless squash match for 6 months from brodus clay is just boring and a waste of time, everyone i know who owns a DVR just skips them. When you are not even booking the IC, US, tag team, or divas belt when you book 4-5 squash matches a week you know you got a problem. They don't care about the word wrestling anymore, its all about entertainment... and that is why the wwe is worse than TNA right now and why in fact you are right when you say this is a new era for wwe...
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