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  1. Money in the bank

    i know that money in the bank is a month away but i am really excited to what it can bring so here are some matches i think will happen.

    Submission match for the WWE championship
    Cm Punk & Daniel Bryan
    i think if this happens it has the potential to be one of the best matches on PPV. Because these two have great chemistry and it would be really ...
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  2. my NO WAY OUT predictions. nwo

    NO WAY OUT predictions

    Steel cage match-john cena & Big show
    i know people are not excited about this match but i think that it can give us something to work with and it wont be that bad to watch. But even though im a big cena fan i think some how big show will snatch the victory.

    World championship match- Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio?
    i heard about ADR ...

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  3. RAW needs to lift its game

    i watch raw and smackdown every single week and im a very big fan.
    But what really disapionts me is the quality in matches. i know that they cant go ppv quality on the shows but they can give us better matches then cena vs cole or brodus clay squishing opponents in 5 seconds.

    i think that they can at least give the superstars 5 or 6 minutes to produce somthing better than an 1 ...

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