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  1. The Day After Wrestlemania 30 - New Era?

    Wrestlemania 30 - New Era.

    The night after Wrestlemania 30 the WWE have the chance to create a new era. They have the chance to make Mania 30 the biggest of all time, maybe The Undertaker will have his last match, maybe HHH will have his last match. We could be looking at a new era where the WWE moves along with the younger talent moving into the main event spot challenging for the WWE ...
  2. Over-thinking RAW.... just enjoy!

    Over-thinking about how good or bad WWE or TNA is, something we are all guilty of.

    Whilst watching Monday Night Raw now it seems a must that we should all be on twitter during the show to see whats trending, then we should go on to various websites to see what everyones opinions is and then offer our opinion of the show. We all sit there and critique the show, whether we are reading ...

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