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Ahmed Jens Ben Arfa

  1. Wrestlemania XXX : My Own Dream Card!

    Elimination Tornado Tag Team Match For the Tag Team Championships :
    KoW (c) Kassius ohno and Antonio Cesaro vs The Usos Vs The Wyatt Familly vs Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville
    Would be Awesome!!I mean,Kings of wrestling as champs together vs Pac and Generico vs The Usos vs The Wyatt familly!!Technical Wrestling team vs Powerhouses Vs High Flyers Vs Submissions (They should give the usos ...
  2. Storylines that may never happens ; Road To Payback!

    Hello,Ladies and Gentlemen!!!This is my first Blog here,so don't be so harsh on me
    Well,I'm here to share some Ideas I got out of nowhere lol So I hope those who'll read it would enjoy them
    Well,It all start up with Wrestlemania 29 main Event.Rock vs Cena II.
    Redemption is such a strong word.Such a big and meaningfull word.Those who seeks redemption would fall to the ...

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