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  1. Unofficial summerslam 2013 card


    Every now and again I try my hand at this. I've been doing it since I was a kid and I think I've gotten pretty good at it. This could work. Hopefully creative is reading and offer me a job, lol. (I tried to make this as realistic as possible based on the current state of WWE.)

    Intercontinental Championship
    Big E. Langston vs. ...
  2. The Top Ten Most Unbelievable Match Endings!

    Disclaimer: This list is not all-inclusive and does not include matches prior to the 1990s. So if you're a real 'old-head' or a 'PGer' this list may or may not be for you.

    10. Bret hart vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 10)

    After years of the ultimate debate of who was actually better, I still don't think the question was answered even after this match. These two ...
  3. A "Realistic" Road to SummerSlam Part 1

    So starting off after the No Way Out PPV:

    I don't like to sit back and criticize other people's ideas and such. I'm referring to the WWE creative team. I have no idea what goes on behind those doors when they come up with the stuff they do. Perhaps they oftentimes come up with awesome ideas that are shut down by Triple H or Vince, who knows? So I don't necessarily blame them wholeheartedly,

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