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    I think i like this madman
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    Taker/Kane was one of the top moments of RAW 1000. Did you not hear the 'this is awesome' chant from the crowd? Biggest reaction of the night. Even though I had a feeling where this was going when the 6 or 7 guys came out after Kane, when Taker's music hit I marked out!
    Brock....biggest problem with him is his limited dates. It limits what can be done with him. While people know who he is, he is not as 'over' as he was 8 years ago. Yes, Taker is part time now but he wasn't gone for 8 years and Taker has been over for 22 years now. WWE does not have to worry about getting him over every year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BennyTheBall
    but that segment was - in my honest opinion - borderline disrespectful. It was almost like creative thought "Oh, right. We forgot about Undertaker. Where can we squeeze him in?"
    Perhaps. I mean, they definitely could have done something more, or bigger, with him. But you mention in your blog that it would have been better if he was left off the show. That's where I mostly disagree. I think they just needed something, anything, for him to do and the segment wasn't exactly the worst.

    The problem with giving him something big to do is, they don't know what that "something" is yet because they don't know when/if he will be returning. I'm not sure I buy the fact that he will even be returning. Taker/Brock is just a rumor. It's not confirmed that he's defintely gonna wrestle again. He was walking gingerly down to the ring on Monday, and he was huffing and puffing at the end of that very short segment. All it take is one knee tweak during a workout and any plans for that WM match are off.

    I take what's reported on here with very little merit.
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    I liked the blog man, but im just one of those guys that wishes there were more names kicking around right now about the future of the wwe other than taker, brock, rock and hunter. Thankfully though, i think the punk/rock feud, while being mostly via satelite, will bring forth some promo work the likes of which we havent really seen before and will hopefully FINAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY give the wwe the confidence to put CM punk in some goddamned main events where he belongs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Well, the title of my blog is 'Ramblings of a Madman', so're right.

    I understand your reservations on my views, and I too believe that 'taker should be done with in-ring activity. The problem is that he is not. This idea is just based on the fact that a Lesnar & Undertaker match is very likely.

    If it was up to me, Lesnar vs 'taker would happen at Survivor Series, and the Wrestlemania match would be Brock vs Rock.

    As for the segment being perfect for 'taker, I am going to stick by my guns and completely disagree with you. It was great to see him, but that segment was - in my honest opinion - borderline disrespectful. It was almost like creative thought "Oh, right. We forgot about Undertaker. Where can we squeeze him in?"
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    While it saddens me to have to go against my two friends who have commented on this blog...


    Undertaker didn't need a reason to be there...he just needed to be there. Nostalgia purposes only. Just like DX, Bret Hart, APA, the legends on Heath Slater. We're not gonna see any of those guys again anytime soon either. I think it was the perfect segment for Undertaker.

    And I would hate it if he fights Brock Lesnar. Taker is my all-time favorite, and I think he should seriously be done wrestling. I, unlike many in the IWC, am full on AGAINST a Taker/Lesnar match at WM. Why? Because by that point, Lesnar would have jobbed out enough and will have totally checked out and give us another "vs Golderberg" match.
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    Brilliant. I love it, my only worry would be Brock is notorious for being a bit of a stiff worker, and Taker's pretty beaten up from his 20+ years in the business, not sure a good 30-40 minute match could be sustained between the two today, but I may be wrong. He did last HITC at mania' this year so I suppose it's always possible...
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