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  1. tetris911's Avatar
    LONG time lurker of ewrestling here and I just recently registered an account to post comments for the first time to say that this was a very well written piece, nice job Ricky. I would love to read a follow up that is similar to this piece after the outcome of the undertaker vs punk match.
  2. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    Awesome blog your passion for his character and contributions to the sports world shines right through. i as many fans feel the same way and i can't wait to see him take his final step into the hall of fame which he most defiantly deserves
  3. venom28-'s Avatar
    It's a match we all wanna see, But Sting is too proud to fight in WWE. Lets face it, VKM is going to have his guy go over. Stinger don't like that idea. For a born again he's pretty prideful.
  4. WCollier's Avatar
    Nice. Undertaker rocks. Wish we could see Undertaker -vs-Sting WM30
  5. claud3's Avatar
    DOWN RIGHT undertaker APPROVED blog...

    You have took the words right out of my mouth
  6. Beer_Villain's Avatar
    Very good read. Keep up the good work
  7. bleedo's Avatar
    I am going to the live RAW in DC primarily just to see the Undertaker...while I know it will just be a quick promo, I can't pass up what could be my last opportunity to see him live...
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