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  1. willy316's Avatar
    All i can say have been sleeping under a rock !! Wake up !! And watch a KOTR from '98 after a year doesnt make you an AE fan. Believe it !!
  2. JerseyJimbo's Avatar
    Man I was with you the whole way until I saw Cena beats Austin! Ha. It makes me laugh when people say Cena uses the same couple of moves every match. So did the Rock and Jeff Hardy...and they're two of the most popular Wrestlers of the last 10 years. I also have been an off and on fan for the last 15 years and think people don't give this era enough credit.

    PS Steve Blackman was the MAN! Maybe the best entrance music of all time (Simple yet got you going).
  3. akbar's Avatar
    Good blog but the Cena thing at the end ruined it for me and showed your abit short sighted so I find it hard to take your blog seriously...
  4. searle's Avatar
    To write a blog like this, your clearly just trying to get a reaction and piss people off, its the most ridiculous thing ive ever read, how can you make a list of wrestlers he could outperform from back then, haha, he cant out perform hornswoggle in the ring, hes a modern day hogan, both piles of crap, i give cena respect cos at the moment he is the main man but if he was around back in the day, hed probably be lacing up austins boots.
  5. Spankyspank22's Avatar
    QDude are you serious? The Attitude Era was probably the greatest era in WWF/E history, and Cena could not outperform many of those wrestlers because unlike him, they didn't get their asses kicked for 10-20 minutes do five moves and get the win, Tag teams of today, Hawkins and Reks, The Usos (awesome team) Truth & Kingston (randomly put together better as single competitors) Darren & Titus. That's nothing compared to New Age Outlaws, A.P.A, T&A, The Dudley boys, the Hardy Boyz, E&C Too Cool RTC. And all of them could outperform Cena in the ring, just watch some Too Cool matches and Scotty and Sexay have more in ring talent and probably got bigger pops than Cena. What factions have we really had lately? The nexus and the corre? Nothing Compared to DX, The Ministery Of Darkness and Defiantly the Radicalz. I think I've made more of a point than you. Have a nice day chap.
  6. VoiceOfTheSilentMajority's Avatar
    While what you have written may well be true, some I agree with, other bits I don't, ultimately everyone will have their own opinion on it and that is fair enough. But for me I can sum up in one line why the current product isn't as good as the old product.

    Old WWF used to be fun and exciting, current WWE is predictable and dull. For me it is as simple as that.
  7. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i just disagree about one thing the characters of both the rock and triple h have changed because they turned heel from face cena has sadly not really made this happen more than ONCE and about the austin cena thing i'm not quite sure about that but i'd say they are pretty much even but promowise austin would own cena not by much but he would.
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