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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I remember people were shocked with Daniel Bryan won the briefcase. It would not surprise me at all to see the WWE do something as surprising with Tyson Kidd. My guess is this match is enough of a rub for him, but would be funny to see him win. Most people backstage and in the locker room are big fans of his.
  2. texrodgers's Avatar
    Wow. I like everyone's ideas on how this will play out.

    1. Jericho winning, leaving on tour, then cashing out of nowhere. That is an awesome way to do it.

    2. Kane cashing and walking away with both Title and AJ. Awesome too. That could give the power couple a lengthy title run.

    3. Big Show cashing on Bryan as revenge. Also awesome.

    There are so many good things WWE can do with this and unfortunately they probably won't pick any of the above.
    If you guys wrote this show, I'd probably watch it more often. Great ideas guys. This is why I like reading these forums.

    PS - My personal favorite is the Jericho one only because I think his return has been poop thus far. A MITB win would make us actually look forward to his return next time around.
  3. Jj Trooth's Avatar
    I think Big Show is gonna win the WWE Title MITB, then
    Daniel Brian will beat CM Punk somehow; and then Big Show will cash in the case for revenge and become WWE champion. I don't know why, but I think that will be the outcome.
  4. dashkatae's Avatar
    Here is my scenario for WWE championship. Have Daniel Bryan pin Punk but AJ doesn't make the three count. Bryan is pissed and gets into AJ's face about it. Punk stands up and hits him with a kick and pins Bryan. Then Cena cashes in the briefcase against Punk and AA's Punk. AJ looks down as Cena is pinning Punk and is unsure of what to do, she doesn't count then when Cena gets up, AJ slaps Cena then Punk gets up and delivers the GTS to Cena for the win.
    Next night on Raw, Cena is talking about how he was screwed out of the title and wants to have a rematch tonight. Bryan comes out and says that Cena wasn't the only one screwed out of the title. AJ screwed both of them. Then Punk comes out with AJ in arm and grinning saying that AJ screwed him last night too, but not over the title.
    The three argue for a while before Trips comes out and says that the board of directors decided that both Bryan and Cena deserve a rematch and it'll be a triple threat match for the title at SS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88
    I disagree. Couldn't you see Jericho win, come out on the next Raw, cut a promo about how he how has a golden ticket, and can usse it whenever he wants, and until he decides to, none of us will see him again. He leaves to tour with Fozzy, and then at the most unexpected moment, cashes it in
    Yes!! Best storyline to go with in my opinion! I can see Cena winning though seens they have made him lose to The Rock and Big Johnny in the last few months!
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    What i would love to see is Dolph Ziggler, go against Vickie's wishes, and try to cash in on Sheamus, just to get his head kicked off. I would laugh.

    Other than that, I think this PPV is very predictable. So your predictions are probably right on...
  7. PhEonYx's Avatar
    The Kane concept would be awesome. It would be a decent twist to add to the whole Aj angle, making this whole build up with her worth while.
    Ill agree with bearkg88; Having Jericho win, and cash in at a later time would be something I'd love to see. It would also make his return relevant and worth while the next time around.

    B-ri had a decent point as well. Having Cena, or Jericho win, than later on cashing it in on the Rock (if ever he was to going to actually win the gold), would truly be the best "anti-climax" in years.

    For instance, the predicted Cena wins the MITB briefcase. Months down the line Rock makes his return at R.R and comes in as one of the final entries, winning it. (we finally get a main event title match at Mania). Come W.M, Rock pulls off the impossible and does what he said he would do, winning the gold. As he celebrates, we have Cena run in with his briefcase, and cash in FTW. ... I don't know, I'm just rambling on.

    I've got high hopes for MITB. Personally I hope either Jericho or Kane win it. BUT!... The E' will probably go with the Cena angle, building a feud with Punk for S.S.....
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