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    No, you're right. There's been no build up for the Kane/Bryan match, it's just been thrown together. Jericho will want to put Ziggler over and it could possibly steal the show.

    I think Triple H will win simply because of his ego. Lesnar should win to give him back some of that monster aura he lost when Cena beat him. It makes him look stronger for the over matches he has to do for his contract. Quite simply, Triple H will win because he can. If he doesn't, I'd expect a re-match.
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    Dude nice blog. But i disagree with the comment u made about vickie, she is no bitch. No use of even regarding her as one due to her been used as a heel. Ziggler will definately be world champion soon. Its really great to have confidence about him as well. But i can almost guarantee u that he will mess up in the main event some way some how. . U might not see it. But he does need vickie. .his name is not a brand name till now. . His still coming their. Wrestling skills and mic skills are not the only thing that determine a great superstar. He has to have, how do i explain this a click or charisma should i say
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    my favorite prediction out of all of them was "Sheamus vs Does It Really Matter" because no one cares about him or the guy he will face. lol

    Good stuff
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    I pretty much agree to everything you said. I think Jericho wins, takes the break with Fozzy, then comes up and uses the briefcase to take the title off Cena, (they already built it a little, plus Cena v Punk for SummerSalm is rumored). Hopefully if Dolph wins this is finally his big break (if Tensai wins goodbye WWE).
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    i hope jericho or kane wins because cena and big show are gonna be i the title picture
  6. Lenny Lightning's Avatar
    i would like to see jericho or kane win because with the current storyline big show and cena are basicly in the title picture and jericho just needs to win a title in 2012 and kane also needs to win a title you never know when they are gonna retire
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jj Trooth
    I think Big Show is gonna win the WWE Title MITB, then
    Daniel Brian will beat CM Punk somehow; and then Big Show will cash in the case for revenge and become WWE champion. I don't know why, but I think that will be the outcome.
    Unfortunately, WWE Creative isnt this smart.
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