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  1. Booker E': Booking Night of Champions

    After my abysmal performance predicting Summerslam, I'm hoping to do better at NOC. The format: I will list the matches, in no particular order, and give what I think the result will be, and what I think the WWE bookers will do. I will explain my reasoning for both. Respond with your own opinions, agree or disagree, say something.

    Pre-Show and Singles Match
    Battle Royal for #1
  2. Booker E': Booking Summerslam

    Hello all, Edgor95 here. After being pleased with the responses (or the fact that there was one at all) from my last blog, Booking MITB, I thought I would try to do a consistent one about the Booking of all the PPVs.

    The format is match, likely WWE pick, and what I would do, follow by an explanation of both. They are in no particular order, just from the list of official matches I've ...

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