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  1. TheWarMachine's Avatar
    They Russo Swerved us on the Diva match.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Hopefully Daniel Bryan and Kane win the tag team titles. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have been generic champions and dull together.

    Apart of me feels like Sheamus is going to lose the World Heavyweight title to Del Rio but then again, Sheamus retaining is obvious, making this feud a little pointless.
  3. John Lonce's Avatar
    Here is what I see...Punk wins either uncleanly or Cena wins on a DQ. Cena is not winning the title. Del Rio steals one from Sheamus. Sheamus gets pissed and brogues Del Rio, resulting in a Ziggler cash in....which will be after Ziggler has lost to Orton. Kane and Daniel Bryan win the tag titles. Miz wins the 4 way. Cesaro beats Tyson Kidd (who I pick to win the battle royal). Layla over Kaitlyn.
  4. SHW's Avatar
    would it not make more sense then to have punk retain until rumble?

    than have rocky take it from punk and cena win rumble.

    setting up : rocky (c) vs cena at WM

    cena is going to be with this company for the long term, and as its top face, rocky as to put him over at some point...
  5. BookerA's Avatar
    Very nice I agree with pretty much all of your predictions,

    I must say I dont want Cena to win (especially now that the heyman punk thing has started), but i would be happy If Cena won if it meant cena wouldnt face rock at mania and instead lead to rock vs Cena at rumble then punk vs rock mania!
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I hope Lesnar wins vs HHH @Summerslam.
  7. edgor95's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Dude nice blog. But i disagree with the comment u made about vickie, she is no bitch. No use of even regarding her as one due to her been used as a heel. Ziggler will definately be world champion soon. Its really great to have confidence about him as well. But i can almost guarantee u that he will mess up in the main event some way some how. . U might not see it. But he does need vickie. .his name is not a brand name till now. . His still coming their. Wrestling skills and mic skills are not the only thing that determine a great superstar. He has to have, how do i explain this a click or charisma should i say
    I won't deny that Vickie has aided in Dolph Ziggler's push, much like she did with Edge. The bitch comment was more of the fact that her character is a complete Bitch
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