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    One of the reasons the Hardcore belt became so under-valued is due to the fact that you had people with so many double digit reigns. I understand Raven and his underhanded tactics to get the belt, but 20+ times is enough. Either the guy needs to move to a new belt, or it is just a sign of how limited he truly will be in the WWE and needs to move on in him career. Hardcore title should remain retired.

    I am, however, a fan of bringing back the Cruiser or European title so long as stipulations upon having the belt are tagged onto it. European title defended in strong style wrestling matches, or old style rules of "No top rop/tossing to the outside." Make it a pure wrestling belt to reflect the European influence on wrestling.

    Same with the Cruiser Championship. Cap the division @ 235-240lbs. and mandate that the age limit to hold the belt be under 30-35. Think it would be a good idea, but the Hardcore belt needs to remain where it's at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas Chapel
    Doesn't Edge have the classic Heardcore Championship?
    I think Heyman ruined it for them when he did this promo on Foley saying he prostituted his name, legacy, and wouldn't let him do it to hardcore.
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    Doesn't Edge have the classic Heardcore Championship?
  4. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    not in this time
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    If WWE isn't going to allow blood in hardcore matches, you might as well keep it where it is.......with Foley.
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    Just my opinion, but I always felt the Hardcore Championship and its matches were a rip off of the classic ECW. Vince saw how great ECW was doing with its type of hardcore wrestling and tried to capitalize on it.

    I've always been a HUGE WWE fan, but it was clearly obvious to me that during Heyman's ECW heyday, Vince stole a lot of their ideas. The whole attitude era was was influenced by ECW.

    No I don't think they should bring back the Hardcore championship. It was really watered down. Even Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson feuded over that belt in their 60s. It was a novelty belt.

    If you want hardcore matches for belts, have the WWE put the belts they have now on the line with hardcore rules, which they did last PPV between Punk and Y2J.
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    Didn't Vince retire the hardcore title in honour of Mick Foley.
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