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  1. Wrestlers and Twitter

    Hey guys, irishman101 here back with my fourth blog, and today I'll be talking about my opinions on Twitter and how it affects my viewing of wrestling. I will also bring up a couple of incidents on why I think WWE/TNA wrestlers should not have twitter.

    First off, I dont like wrestlers on Twitter. Wrestling is built around characters that are larger than life, and a character usually ...
  2. Summerslam card 2012 (pt.1)

    Hey guys, irishman101 here, and this is my debut blog and I hope you will enjoy it and hopefully this will be the first of many. Now, there has been a lot of talk about speculated SummerSlam matches. Today, I will be giving my Summerslam 2012 dream card, and how i would build up to it. The matches are in not in order of when they would go on air. For the record, this isnt my dream card, it is a predicted ...

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