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  1. LMPunker's Avatar
    good blog and a fair list and this is gonna sound petty on my part but chavo and eddie arent cousins eddie is chavos uncle
  2. Peterjb1980's Avatar
    The Tag Team Action Started To Fade In The 90s The Rockers Spliting Up Remember It Well, The Hart Foundation Spliting After Losing The Tag Team Title At Wrestlemania 7. The Nasty Boys Leaving After Only 3 Years And Road Warrior Leavin The WWE. It Was A Shame So Many Teams Were Going.
  3. Peterjb1980's Avatar
    The Tag Team Action Started To fade In The 90s The Rockers Spliting Remember It Well The Hart Foundtion Leaving After Lossing Tag Team Titles At Wrestlemania 7 The Nasty Boys The Only Lasted 3 Years One Of My Favourites Road Warriors Leaving The WWE It Was A Shame So Many Teams Going There Seperate Ways.
  4. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Lil jimmy says we comin to got you ____
  5. hystrix's Avatar
    I'd have included Jeri-Show, and Miz and Morrison in this list somewhere...
  6. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Nice list, but here's some more you might have over looked in the 80's and 90's. The Smoking Guns, and Sheik and Volkoff, APA were already listed previously. No particular order:

    1. The Quebecers
    2. Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake-The Dream Team
    3. The Brainbusters
    4. Steiner Brothers
    Updated 05-03-2012 at 01:11 PM by Playboy Stevie V
  7. body slam's Avatar
    When you say tag team I like to think legit tag teams not a make shift team of two main eventers leading to a fued. Looking at some of the names on the list it makes me think where are the Mega Powers? Which imo has to be VKM most recycled idea.

    Where are the Brain Busters, Rougeau Brothers, US Express (origional), and the Mounties?
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