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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Nice card. Well thought kinda gave TNA a lot of wins here though, especially over WWE's top guys like Punk & Cena. Obviously, Taker wins and you could probably have a better Diva vs Knockout match. Maybe like Gail Kim vs AJ or Mickey James vs Natalya.

    Good blog. Nice ideas. Creativity is awesome.
  2. Guest's Avatar
    Velvet Sky is terrible I don't wanna see her fight Kaitlyn. I'd rather Natalya vs Gail Kim
  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    My thoughts on your card:

    Why isn't the one match everyone wants to see the main event? I've seen plenty of Cena/Angle matches in the past. If I were doing a TNA vs WWE ppv, I'd try to stick to plug guys in where they'd fit best. Angle vs Bryan is a match I'd love to see. Cena vs the guy who says it pays to be Roode wouldn't be cool to see? However, a guy like Jeff Hardy really has no dream opponents who he hasn't faced that I really want to see. What do you think would get more buzz, Jeff Hardy vs Punk after Punk sending him packing in Jeff's last match in WWE?

    Here is the card I'd have WWE vs TNA; However, I have 10 matches below along with 5 HMs. I'd drop the Joe/Ryback and Shield vs Aces & 8s matches. Battle Royal would be added.

    Sting vs Taker-the match everyone wants to see....MAIN EVENT!
    John Cena vs Bobby Roode-it pays to be Roode and selfish....who else could have face other than the top heel in the company?
    Aries vs Ziggler-greatest man vs showoff....battle of egos and great match. Who's better?
    Kane vs Abyss-Abyss has similarities to Kane and Mankind. Already have Foley vs Abyss. Now it is time to have that other dream match finally!!
    Daniel Bryan vs Kurt Angle-Reminds me of the matches between Angle/Benoit type of dynamic, but i feel Bryan has a much better connection with the crowd. You suck vs YES/NO chants!
    CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy-beat Hardy forcing him to leave WWE. Prob have this be 2nd to last match.
    AJ vs Mickie James-similar characters as crazy! Gotta have a divas/KO match.
    Ryback vs Samoa Joe-Joe's gonna kill you vs feed me more! Love the dynamic of a possible choke out vs a monster like Ryback.
    Shield vs Aces & 8s(Bully Ray, Mr.Anderson, Devon)-Where have the Dudley Boyz been? They have been in TNA! Best tag team ever vs a new top stable in the biz.
    AJ Styles vs Randy Orton-Being the best in a small pond is one thing, being the best in the largest is the other.

    HM: Sheamus vs Matt Morgan
    Jericho vs Daniels
    Rob Terry vs HHH
    Magnus vs Barrett
    Storm vs Sandow
  4. Hurtts101's Avatar
    There's the first problem as has been stated, it's all been done before. Just thought it would be a fun way to reinvent AJ, have Sting pass him the torch, and add a bit if nostalgia for the fans who have been watching for more than 10 years
  5. body slam's Avatar
    The dark figure from the shadows has been done and is expected. What I'm thinking is loses to CD, beat down by A&8, and he's gone. A&8 runs wild and destroys TNA at lockdown. Then as A&8 are cutting a promo use the big screen and flash a he's coming message. Each week build it up and add a little more. Then during the middle of the A&8 match at slamiversary the lights go out and all the messages flash on the big screen fallowed by the AJ Styles symbol. The lights come up and he's in the middle of the ring and takes out A&8 members in the ring. As the rest of A&8 rush the ring he escapes through the crowd.
  6. Rockstar83's Avatar
    I still think it's messed up AJ Styles cant get a title shot til BFG 13
  7. Echofalls1982's Avatar
    Guys! Enough with the cheesy storylines. It is obvious that they have something planned for AJ. I do think he will lose to Daniels definitely and then he will need to take some time off to "find himself" Aces and Eights will take a load of people out and then AJ will come back and save TNA. I still think that fourtune will somehow reform and go against the Aces and Eights as at least then it will give all the wrestlers some legitimate storylines rather than the crap they are being given. Hardy, Bully and Aries can fight over the title whilst all this is going on. Unfortunately, I do think Jarret/Bischoff are behind Aces and Eights and nobody bigger. The good thing is that with most of them being masked, they could decide to put almost anyone as a member.
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