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  1. Booking AJ Styles

    I’m watching TNA tonight and Storm has just pinned Daniels while telling AJ to use his head. An upset, dejected AJ walks to the back and I think, where does he go from here. He’s on a bit of a downward spiral after recently losing his chance for a World Title shot for a year. This is the perfect time to reinvent him…
    Daniels and AJ are set to face off again in a Last Time Match. I would ...
  2. My WWE - Booking Punk vs Rock

    Hello again wrestling fans. It’s been awhile, but I thought I would come up with another post to ponder.
    Last night I watched the Punk DVD (and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Punk or any other off these vids) and got to thinking about the run he’s had with the title. After holding on to the title after HITC and being put in a traditional survivor series match (something I would love to ...

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