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Mark Savage

  1. STORYLINES: How To Build A Superstar

    I have some more ideas for this STORYLINES format for blogs, depending
    on the response I will put them out.

    This is about the storyline of making Shawn Michales a legit main
    eventer. His road to his first WWF Championship. It's about the booking and storylines used to get him to that level.

    The Back Story:

    Shawn became ...
  2. Countdown to the best Theme Music

    I know, Theme songs get done every week here! I want to introduce myself, a long time lurker, now posting my first blog.

    With the return of Brock Lesnar and his INTIMIDATING theme music, it got me thinking to what makes a GREAT theme song. Now I might be bias, but I HATE the way the E has started to use songs with lyrics just so they can sell them on Itunes. Im a fan of the wordless ...

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