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  1. alcrissam's Avatar
    What is a heel general manager supposed to get? HEAT. And what did johnny ace get for his shitty mic skills? HEAT. This guy made me wanna break something, i just hated him. Case and point: HE WAS GOOD.
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I read the first line and realized that we were in for a treat with this blog. And I mean that with every level of sarcasm you can imagine. Can you seriously put Johnny Ace, in his few short months at GM, on such a high level that you're considering WWE "dropping the ball" with his dismissal? With all the other issues WWE is going thru, you seriously picked John Laurinaitis as one of the top focal points of this?

    Now you did make a good point about WWE bringing back all of last decade's stars to carry the load, because they fail at creating anyone good. However you say that Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow and Dean Ambrose need a push and that just kills the rest of this blog. What in the world do those three need a push for? By your logic, we should just forget about everyone else who's been around for how many years and deserve a push, just because these three hacks are here. It don't work that way. Alberto Del Rio is the only one I know of that gets a push based on NOTHING, and keeps that push forever. Don't hold your breath for Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro. Your face will be very blue and purple before you seem them have any sort of relevance.

    Sorry to be so critical. Just my opinion that is clearly opposite yours.
  3. RavishingRickRude's Avatar
    In my opinion, the WWE is doing great right now. While things might not be the best for it or at its best yet, were still given awesome matches on a weekly bases. I agree with everyone 100% that most of "Big Johnny's" heat wasn't of the many heel acts he performed( firing Show, costing Punk many matches, the acts in the name of "People Power!", etc.), but due to the actual dislike of Johnny ace who wasn't very appealing and didn't get over easy as a heel GM. If you ask me, I am completely positive that this is not the last time that we see John Laurinaitis. This is time for the WWE to go in new directions with the GM spot for awhile. They could easily have a former GM (3:16) appear for a night similar to how Mick Foley was GM for the last RAW. They could also run with the Anonymous GM gimmick, this time maybe reviling to be someone we all know and love. Any way the WWE wants to move from here gives time to re-tune the "People Power Champion" into to something of higher caliber.

  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    For starts I'm going to fully agree with you when you stated that Ace has been one of the best GMs since Bischoff. People can say how boring he is, how his mic skills are horrible and bland. Yet as you've stated, Ace fed off of that. He got crowd reaction. He got people out of their seats. Any reaction is better, than no reaction.

    I'm going to partially agree with Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik, the E' should time Ace's return properly. Not necessarily to improve on his mic skills , or anything else for that matter... But to make a relevant return.

    After seeing the "Show" incident on Raw, and seeing him somewhat split ways with Laurinaitis, it's safe to say that the E' has a new drawn out future for the former GM.

    As you've stated in your blog, having Ace incorporated in the H/Lesnar feud, would be totally appropriate. What with Vince in the mix, it could be a half decent storyline they are running with.

    ***Side note***;

    At S.S, if McMahon turned his back on Hunter, siding with Lesnar/Ace, We could have the possible build up for McMahon vs Helmsley " Rights to The E' " at Mania. ...

    Enough with the ranting... Great blog bro, keep em' coming.
  5. Hurlyfortnight's Avatar
    Okay I just want to point out that me not liking the "Crazy Chick" angle has nothing to do with AJ. In fact, I think she is one of the most versatile (not in a perverted way) divas on the roster. The reason I don't like it is because of exactly what Phani said, its been done, we know where it is going. And if they try to throw a swerve in there, its just going to hurt AJ's character. She'll just become another hoeski, which I do not want to see.

    And goofy2485, I know. They had to use Johnny a lot because who else was Cena's foil? There are no other good heels out there. (I will say Big Show, before becoming a nihilist, had some of the best promos of the year.) But they need to develop some good, solid heels.
  6. goofy2485's Avatar
    How can you hate the crazy chick angle? She is definitely my favorite diva right now and the only one worth watching not named Kharma. Im tired of Johnny Ace and they just used him way too much.
  7. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    Just to add, if they deal with Johnny Ace and Lesnar situation the way described above, by bringing Ace back, it would be similar to the way WWE "dropped the ball" with Punk walking out with the title and "Whole roster walking out on HHH" or "Awesome Truth being split" thing. If they have intentions to bring Mr. Boredom back give it some time so that he can work on his mic skills and also give the fans something fresh rather than just bringing him back a week after he was fired.
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