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  1. WWE: The IWC's crush on Zack Ryder

    I saw a question asked in the forum recently (paraphrased): "I've been away for awhile, what's the deal with everyone loving Zack Ryder? I don't get it." and then someone replied with a link to his channel on YouTube. However, I thought it did bring up a quandary. How did Zack Ryder go from "Who?" to "US/IC Title, NOW!" in as little as 9 weeks in the eyes of the IWC's ...
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  2. WWE: The Card Game

    Sorry for the bad pun, I couldn't resist. Today's topic is the "Card Game" or rather the different levels a superstar can reach or be in and ways to achieve them.

    The WWE likes to call these "Enhancement Talent", but most of the IWC and older fans call them what they are: Jobbers. Jobbers come in multiple "flavors", but I'll highlight the ...
    Tags: jobber, midcard
  3. WWE: Victory Conditions and Efforts

    Since I mostly watch just WWE, I don't normally make criticisms or remarks about TNA or ROH, however I have seen enough matches in general to know this is a across the board thing, but I'll be using WWE examples.

    Today I'm talking about victory conditions and efforts, or in lamins terms things like Clean finishes, Dusty Finishes, and Valiant Efforts. Does a "Clean Finish" ...
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  4. WWE: The Main Event Flinch Test

    I went very math and stats based on my last blog, but this time I'm going to go with the gut feeling side. I had actually wanted to include this originally with the Christian blog, but felt it deserved it's own time.

    The topic I will discuss today is called "The Flinch Test". What is the Flinch Test? The Flinch Test is when you see a #1 Contender's or World Title match, ...
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  5. Christian's Last Window

    It doesn't take much, actually scratch that, any effort to find someone (or a large group) of people saying "Christian should be [WWE Branded] Champion!" in-fact it's almost become a bit of a running gag. However, I'm not here to argue whither or not he deserves to be a champion. What I'm here to argue is that window is about to shut... permanently.

    To understand my reasoning, ...
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  6. WWE: Bad Business

    In my previous post, I made notes of the reasons why certain things are done for "Good Business", well obviously there are things that are done that have created bad business.

    Too Many PPVs
    That sounds slightly counterproductive, I mean the UFC has had 16 from July 09 to July 10
    However the UFC is a completely different marketing beast, and each PPV can ...

    Updated 10-01-2010 at 11:45 AM by Frank

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  7. Good Business

    Vince said it best many times over the past few years. (paraphrased) "I'll do it if it's good business."

    Everywhere you turn on EWN or other Wrestling Dirt Sheets you see "Bring back the PG-13 Era" or "TNA is better." or something of that sort. The reality is, while the WWE does indeed have issues, there are indeed reasons why there are certain things ...

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