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  1. WWE: The Reality Era and how Attitude is crippling it

    (This may be my most polarizing blog yet, but I'm sticking with it.)

    The Attitude Era's faux revival is crippling the WWE's bottom line.

    It was observed last year that CM Punk's Shoot marked the end of the PG-Era and the rise of the "Reality Era" as some dubbed it came with it. Since I was always a fan of the name, I'm going to continue to use that term until I'm ...

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  2. WWE: Nightmares of Wrestlemania

    Once again, I'm back with another let's look at a different perspective blog. This time, with Wrestlemania in full swing, it's only natural to stick with the cliched theme. As always I'll be a bit different and point out many "nightmarish" scenarios that could happen at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

    Nightmare #1:
    Michael Cole will Wrestle

    Just a few lines in and ...

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