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  1. Dear Murderer,

    A NOTE FROM R(ob): I am approving this blog as a counterpoint to the "Dear Chris Benoit," blog that was approved last night. This will be the last Chris Benoit blog approved for a while. Thank you. Keep this civil, I will be watching!

    Dear Murderer,

    Oh, you might be wondering why I started this letter out by writing "Murderer", but you see Chris ...

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    Tags: benoit, murder, wwe
  2. WWE: Nightmares of Wrestlemania

    Once again, I'm back with another let's look at a different perspective blog. This time, with Wrestlemania in full swing, it's only natural to stick with the cliched theme. As always I'll be a bit different and point out many "nightmarish" scenarios that could happen at Wrestlemania XXVIII.

    Nightmare #1:
    Michael Cole will Wrestle

    Just a few lines in and ...
  3. WWE: Santino Marella, 'The Resting Giants'

    Had to make a pun at the accent...

    I'll get to the point -- The WWE caught me a bit by surprise.

    Let me start by saying that I haven't had a lot of mark out moments over the last few years. No, I think a better way to word that is: I don't have those child-like fan moments where I'm watching a match and I'm completely invested into it where I'm getting really excited ...
  4. Wrestling Free Agents

    It's been awhile since I've posted a blog, but given how there is a few blogs/forum posts about the term “Left over” I feel like I have to chime in, but given my habit of typing long messages I figured blog form would be best.

    First for purposes of full disclosure, I have an admitted bias to the WWE, as my older blogs have indicated. However, I'm not here to argue that WWE is better, ...
  5. WWE: The IWC's crush on Zack Ryder

    I saw a question asked in the forum recently (paraphrased): "I've been away for awhile, what's the deal with everyone loving Zack Ryder? I don't get it." and then someone replied with a link to his channel on YouTube. However, I thought it did bring up a quandary. How did Zack Ryder go from "Who?" to "US/IC Title, NOW!" in as little as 9 weeks in the eyes of the IWC's ...
    Tags: wwwyki, zackryder
  6. WWE: The Card Game

    Sorry for the bad pun, I couldn't resist. Today's topic is the "Card Game" or rather the different levels a superstar can reach or be in and ways to achieve them.

    The WWE likes to call these "Enhancement Talent", but most of the IWC and older fans call them what they are: Jobbers. Jobbers come in multiple "flavors", but I'll highlight the ...
    Tags: jobber, midcard
  7. WWE: The Main Event Flinch Test

    I went very math and stats based on my last blog, but this time I'm going to go with the gut feeling side. I had actually wanted to include this originally with the Christian blog, but felt it deserved it's own time.

    The topic I will discuss today is called "The Flinch Test". What is the Flinch Test? The Flinch Test is when you see a #1 Contender's or World Title match, ...
    Tags: flinch, miz
  8. WWE: Bad Business

    In my previous post, I made notes of the reasons why certain things are done for "Good Business", well obviously there are things that are done that have created bad business.

    Too Many PPVs
    That sounds slightly counterproductive, I mean the UFC has had 16 from July 09 to July 10
    However the UFC is a completely different marketing beast, and each PPV can ...

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