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    Not a good idea. Sorry.
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    As if Pro Wrestling isn't racially segregated enough, let's just throw all the black guys in a corner, right? Not
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    Why not E-Jackson/Big E as a monster tag team? How about the PTP?
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    I only like this idea cuz Kofi Kingston and R- Truth need a character change
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    Quote Originally Posted by maar13
    The problem is that The Divas did sell and a lot, other wise they would have never been A Lita DVD, which is not focus on lingerie or anything but her wrestling career, damn she even got a book and it sold pretty well, same goes for the Trish DVD, was mostly focus on wrestling not anything else.

    At some point Lita got so over that she was actually stuck with Matt so he could get over, she turned that around.

    The Divas division was something that really a part of the WWE and people looked forward for that small part of the shows, you might say "The DVDs were only good sells because they were with them wearing bikinis and stuff" but at least then they were good sells, after Trish and Lita left, it started fading and now they don't even make regular photo shoots of them which is a shame because they actually used to mean something good for the company.

    Now they are just kind of there and it is a shame because there is a lot of potential there, at 20 something most people has tons of potential.

    And about being hard workers, ell maybe not the hardest but they really work hard, just sometimes it doesn't turn out well on TV or is people just don't improve that much over the years.

    If by any means you watched TNA last Thursday, Velvet vs Brooke was lengthy but bad, Velvet is a more than 10 years vet ant is barely better than Kelly and Brooke, well she is still learning.

    Is not to shit on TNA becasue even if it is not what it used to be, had way better KO division, but the comparison is just an example of even people with a lot of experience not improving that much.
    The women that were tied to men usually out ranked those that aren't because they are seen more. When Jackie was paired with the APA, she got the biggest pops. Ivory got her biggest pops/boos with DLO and RTC. Not only does being paired up with a male wrestler gets a diva more camera time, but it also sets up more possible feuds. If CM Punk and Chris Jericho both had female managers/valets/stable members, they would have feuded.

    About the Velvet vs Brooke, the difference is neither Velvet nor Brooke is the face of the KO division. Velvet may be the face when it comes to promoting, but TnA does not rest the division on her shoulders. In fact, they are billed as less talented as the rest(which they are). Kelly and Eve on the other hand.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest
    oh kid you must be joking yes they do loads more than other wrestlers do in one month. Indy girls wrestle about 5 times a month, Divas would wrestle 13 matches so don't talk about who works harder
    5, 8-10min-matches a month>>>>>>>>> 40, 90sec-matches a month

    As I said before, if the divas worked "harder" than the indy girls, then the would be more skilled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baby-boi
    I agree with @OneTimePosterShorry its not Vince's fault. The fans are just not interested in the Divas. Why would the WWE invest in something that isn't going to sell.I disagree with one of the Guest posters. The divas are NOT the hardest working female wrestlers. If they were, they'd be better in the ring. The divas may work 300days a year, but they aren't doing as much(wrestling wise) in those 300days than other female wrestlers do in a month.
    oh kid you must be joking yes they do loads more than other wrestlers do in one month. Indy girls wrestle about 5 times a month, Divas would wrestle 13 matches so don't talk about who works harder
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