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  1. New Nation Of Domination

    Hey everybody back to just express an idea and hear a feedback to what ya'll think.

    If I were to come up with a storyline at this point it would be a new breed of nation of domination but with a twist.

    First off the name I would choose for the faction would be Black Panthers or Darksmen, both sound racist I know but that's the point good controversy.


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  2. How To Better The Diva's Divison

    I grew up watching the divas and even becoming a fan of theirs. Like most i feel they have plummeted down into failure and have become hard to watch. I cant even eat and watch them it's to horrifying. So this is how i feel they could better the diva brand.

    Scrap the name- I never liked the name diva's is not something you can take serious. They need a complete overhaul with the name
  3. What I Expect of my Future WWE Games

    I'm a long time gamer of wwe games dating back to wrestlemaina 2000 and raw is war. Over the years i grow more excited for the next wwe game release and eager to see the changes made. The last past two games have been good but left me unfulfilled (Raw vs.Smackdown 2011 and Wwe12) and this is just somethings i hope and expect to see in future wwe games.

    The return of GM mode- Of all ...

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  4. List of great Latino and Latina americans in wrestling.

    In my last blog i talked about TODAYS best afrian american wrestlers and really enjoyed reading the comments but i recieved an intersenting comment to do one on latin americans. I saw it as a challenge so since last week i been paying close attention to the Latins in wrestling and this is just my take on it.

    Essa Rios- ...
  5. The African Americans in wrestling today.

    Back in the 90's where african american wrestlers were just breaking thru they came in and captivated the sport but what has happen? Guys like The Rock-D'lo Brown-Mark Henry- Ahmed Jackson-Farooq(Ron Simmons) and Rikishi had paved the way for other guys to come in but to me all seems lost. Here are some of the guys today that wasted thier talent.

    Eziekal Jackson- As soon as i saw him ...

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