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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    hmm I have to dis agree with you on few things....

    1. I never liked him as a HEEL (except in his ECW days)
    2. I like his FACE character the only thing is he should be in a good storyline...
    3. I feel he's technically good for his size and has a reasonably good moveset and he can any day put good matches with all of them in the roster (if allowed); he wrestles stiff...n I enjoy that..

    What I agree with you is:

    1. He should stop kicking out at '1' that will bury his opponent
    2. He was pushed a way earlier than he should have been
    3. He's next Cena in making and that will definitely makes him boring
  2. Taneel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    If the IWC where bookers every main eventer would be a heel lol.
    sarcasm? If it was a sarcasm, then brilliant!!!
  3. natalierod's Avatar
    I can't believe the stuff I just have read. I didn't follow wrestling, until a friend just throw me into this and I can tell you that you are dead wrong about Sheamus. This man works his butt off, if being a friend of HHH is a crime, then HHH cant befriend anyone and do his job. I have noticed that Sheamus has changed so much in the last year to make it where he is now. Remember he was down and out about last year mania and his match being a dark show. He learn from that and he has himself made what he is today, Noboby else did, and if HHH noticed well that his job and he ran with it. I believe you guys are haters and wish you could only do one eighth of what sheamus could do. He and Daniel Byant made a lot of changes and rosed to top when it was offer to them. I mean sheamus has come back from a neck injury and he has many moves. I'm a woman and believe me he has CHARISMA I find that man to be sexy, funny, and a MAN. something that is missing in many these days. Drew has had personal probroms that keep him, maybe, from taking the chance and running with it. Don't hate because Sheamus can back up what he says and is humble to admit where he is lacking, but he is Man enough to fix it and not let anything stop him. I don't think HHH gives out freebies, I believe the Man is smart and saw a good thing and follow thru with it. I managed before and when you are dealing with many people you have too pick the strong and the weak and go to work, that what HHH did. Sheamus has what wrestling has been needing and sorry if you can't handle it. Just sit back and watch the CHARISMA.
  4. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    If the IWC where bookers every main eventer would be a heel lol.
    Exactly. Not everyone can be a heel. If they are drawing more than a face than as a heel, why change their current status? WWE has always been about finding a dominate babyface and Sheamus fits that mold.
  5. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ewantu2
    If the IWC where bookers every main eventer would be a heel lol.
    completly agree

    sheamus,cena,cm punk apparently everyone has to be a heel. I think sheamus is being built like a cena maybe because they want to turn cena heel and need a replacment, someone has to sell the merchandise.
    and i doubt hanging around with hhh gets you straight to a main event I heard an interview with hhh and he said that he didnt think sheamus was the guy until he saw how dedicated he was he was. at the beggining of his career he didnt miss a show apparently he was at every tv taping from raw to superstars even though he was in ecw. you just have to show vince and the top guys you are willing to break you back for them
  6. replacethebass's Avatar
    Good blog!!
    I have to say that I am a fan of Sheamus, but you are dead on in many respects. His current face character is weak, and I mean really weak. This whole great white nonsense has gone on far too long and I had hoped that after Wrestlemania that a heel turn would be in the making, but alas the persona has become staler than ever. I'm not sure how well his merchandise sells (I think i'm not alone here) but surely the WWE would be better served by having him as a heel in order to have some sort of top level heel for the faces to feud with (not withstanding Brock and Jericho as they'll be off soon). In my opinion this face persona could have been salvaged if they had run with the brief occupy angle and had a team HHH vs team Laurinaitis storyline but who knows why creative dropped that so quickly after making such a deal about it initially.
    As you said the kicking out after a one count is really hurting his matches and I think he could take a leaf out of Ziggler's book about selling as well.

    I do have to disagree on a few points however.
    I think that his stiff wrestling style is not a negative thing at all. The brogue kick is one of the few finishers in the WWE at the moment that makes you really feel for the person on the recieving end. I think that and the rest of his moveset lends an air of believeability to matches, although as I said he really has to get better at putting over his opponents moves.
    Also i'm not sure if the cloverleaf counts as a finisher as I think he has only used it once.

    In regards to his promo work I have to say none of has been particularly entertaining since he turned face (apart from that christian potato incident), but as a heel his promos weren't half bad. I enjoyed his promos in the build up to TLC against John Cena and I feel that he had more imput into what he was going to say then, nowadays all he does is stereotypical Irish anecdotes and call Daniel Bryan and Johnny Ace and arse.

    I think he's put on a few good matches as well, The end of the rumble match with Jericho was great and he had another fantastic bout with Jericho not too long afterwards (these are just the two most recent that spring to mind)

    All in all he needs a heel turn quick. I think he could be a face again in the future but there should always be an element of a heel to his persona ala edge

    P.s. You're right that new t-shirt is awful!!
  7. jethro's Avatar
    I agree I don't like the part Sheamus kickout at 1,but his match with Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules was nothing but great,because Daniel able to put Sheamus on a clinic.What I like about Sheamus though is that he used 4 or 5 Finlay wrestling moves,I don't think he steal it but pay respect to Finlay.
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