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  1. body slam's Avatar
    Bray Wyatt is Waylon Mercey
  2. e.townconcrete's Avatar
    otunga can be the new aw for that tag team!
  3. Heavy's Avatar
    Don't completely agree with your list because I don't think you really put any thought into it, more of just saying people you'd think be cool. Dolph is the only one who has been on tv for a while and the only gimmick we've seen. Otunga switched between gimmicks to me on trying to be a chris masters type and a lawyer type old matt Stryker.
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Wow, You had me with Wyatt, then COMPLETELY lost me with Otunga. I'd have Sandow, Ambrose, Wyatt as the top three. To each their own so your man-crush on the Harvard Grad is perfectly justified.
  5. Suhayl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by alcrissam
    otunga looks like he could be the next masterpiece gimmick. He is ripped !
    Yes, that's why I'm happy they gave him this lawyer gimmick. Something unusual for guy with this kind of body.
  6. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Decent list, yet I'm kind of surprised to see Otunga appear on anyones "Top 5 Gimmicks". Nevertheless, it is YOUR list. Personally I find Zigglesworth rather bland. Yes, he can take a rather good bump, and he does have some decent "in-ring" skills, but the E' is pushing and building him to be the next WHC.... Something I believe he is far from ready to be.

    As for Wyatt and Sandow; IMO, two stars that have an inexplicable amount of talent.

    Good list, and enjoyed the read.
  7. alcrissam's Avatar
    otunga looks like he could be the next masterpiece gimmick. He is ripped !
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